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Assess Your Readiness to Respond Effectively to Cyber Threats

Assess Readiness With Cyber Maturity in Mind


Assessment breadth, depth and accuracy depend on people and how they go about their work. The process requires broad cybersecurity experience and skills in communication, investigation, analysis, problem solving and reporting. It’s a job for seasoned experts.


Our assessment covers 10 capability domains. The domains span strategic functions, such as governance and measurement, and operational functions such as incident verification, remediation and reporting. 


After we gather the information needed to assess your domains, we map it to a capability maturity model. This process enables the Optiv experts to explain how you can respond to incidents faster and better now and in the future.


Cyber Maturity Service Brief

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Accelerate Readiness With the Right Priorities

Cyber incident readiness assessments often lead to questions about priorities. Which areas, once strengthened, provide value quickly? The priority areas we recommend depend on your cyber maturity and security objectives. Examples are automated metrics and threat hunting. 


Metrics (both qualitative and quantitative) should be implemented using an independent, standard, scalable framework ― homegrown frameworks might overlook important data points. Ideally, the framework can integrate with your security tools, support consistent information collection and allow you to compare your metrics to external metrics and trends.


Threat hunting enables you to get out in front of new or emerging threats by going beyond traditional passive security controls and known signatures. Consistent, effective threat hunting depends on threat intelligence, accurate baselines, technology, telemetry and human expertise. 


Like assessments, the who, what and how of priorities matter.

Cyber Strategy and Roadmap


Cyber Strategy and Roadmap

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