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Cybersecurity and Physical Security

Can No Longer Be Separate


cyber is only half the story


When it comes to information security, the cyber half of the equation is pretty obvious. Protecting your data means securing your network and endpoints.


But even cybersecurity-savvy organizations fail to make the same effort towards their physical security. Unfortunately, highly motivated attackers can leverage this gap to gain unauthorized access to facilities and take control of systems and data that may have otherwise been protected in the cyber realm.

Physical Security: Inside the Mind of an Attacker


Maintaining physical security is vital to any organization. And that goes double for critical infrastructure providers, manufacturers and other enterprises making heavy use of Internet of Things (IoT) or operational technology (OT) devices.

Unattended desks can be a gold mine of personally identifiable information (PII), shared admin account passwords, customer data or even bank account information. Not to mention the havoc an intruder could wreak with unfettered access to the manufacturing floor or the control room.


With the rapid pace of digital transformation, organizations are increasingly reliant on OT devices. The complexity of these environments can create a lack of visibility and many organizations lack the skilled resources to secure their OT environments, leading to increased disruption.


Executives and other key stakeholders are also increasingly being targeted by bad actors through methods like phishing, shoulder surfing and social engineering. It’s critical to provide enhanced protection capabilities for your personnel who are prone to attacks.

Would-be attackers are often careful planners: they’ll conduct reconnaissance to find the easiest way in before making an attempt. Legacy RFID badges make an easy target for intruders to clone, and social media can often provide them with high-quality photos of employee badges to mimic. Sometimes, though, the simplest way in is to tailgate a distracted employee or use social engineering to dupe front desk employees into allowing access.



Without proper network access control (NAC), an intruder can hide a device on premises and assign it an internal IP address, leaving it free to roam the network for useful information. Worse, they could use such a device to set up external command and control (C2) and maintain a presence on the network long after they leave the facility. Pulling this off would be bad news: a company could be in a breached state for weeks after an initial physical compromise.


Physical Security Services

Tailored to Your Environment 

We work closely with your team to design a program that aligns with your organization’s goals, requirements and physical environment.


Focused on What Matters

We find, validate and prioritize exploitable vulnerabilities so your teams can focus on timely and effective remediation.


Simple, Clear Reporting

Our proven reporting standards are tuned to your organization’s specific requirements and provide insights you can leverage immediately.


Part of a Holistic Strategy

Our physical security services can be combined with our other attack surface management capabilities to provide you with comprehensive protection.

Assess Your Organization’s Physical Security

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Executive Protection

Executives are frequently the target of physical incidents, and damage or loss to their work-related assets could seriously disrupt business operations. Optiv’s Executive Protection services include layers of physical security controls to safeguard executives, their assets and their working environment to keep businesses free from interruptions. 

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Physical Security Assessments

Stay one step ahead of would-be attackers by getting inside their minds. Optiv’s attack and pen experts test your organization’s physical security to identify exploitable gaps before a bad actor can.