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Let Experts Maintain and Manage Your Technology Investments, 24/7

Managing Technology and Keeping Track of Security in Real Time

The modern enterprise is starting to figure out that cyber threats are not only imminent, but here to stay. And while facing down cyber danger is now just part of doing business, keeping up with its ever-changing disguises requires ever-changing technology — as well as the specialized know-how to use it.



What is technology management?

Technology management handles the daily administration and configuration of a security technology, maintaining its optimal health, availability and lifecycle optimization. As a service, it provides proactive and efficient technology upgrades and fault monitoring 24/7/365, so organizations with limited resources can focus more on strategy and growth.



Technology Management

Service Brief 


Security Expertise Meets Dedicated Service


Designed as a co-managed offering, Optiv’s technology management service combines experienced engineers with a repeatable process to remove any obstacles preventing you from optimally managing and monitoring your devices. Optiv’s 24/7 expertise and support help you bypass in-house resource burdens so you can effectively manage, maintain and get the most out of your security technology investments.



As part of the Optiv family, you’ll also benefit from: 


  • Integrated tools designed for further optimization
  • Daily, weekly and quarterly summary reports and KPIs
  • User-friendly client portal with built-in metrics 
  • 30-minute guaranteed response time 
  • Cost savings compared to self-staffing 


We've Got Your Back Any Time, Day or Night


A hands-on approach to technology management means personalized help is never far away. Our managed services team removes the day-to-day tedium around operational maintenance, freeing up your staff for more strategic efforts.

    Why Choose Optiv for Technology Management


    Leveraging leading technology and manufacturers with deep knowledge between our support engineers and security operation centers (SOC), we devised a co-managed device solution that spans the entire security ecosystem. Have a peek into our well of resources.


    A Full Arsenal

    Backed by certified engineers, our diverse suite of supported vendors covers a wide range of security management technologies.








    Load Balancer










    Network Intrusion Detection

    and Prevention (IDS/IPS)





    IoT Security Management





    Network Access Control



    The Optiv Touch


    A world-class technology management service is only as good as the people behind it. Our SOCs are staffed around the clock by some of the savviest engineers in the business, all of them certified on the technologies we offer. 


    What’s more, Optiv’s direct connection to client networks lets us provide hands-on device management—meaning you can be more ‘hands off’ to focus on your core business.


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    What You Can Expect From Our Technology Management Services


    Serving 800+ clients across the globe, Optiv’s support and services team celebrates a proven track for both incident resolution and customer service. Other common outcomes for clients include:


    Risk mitigation backed by industry-leading experts and technologies

    Cost reduction on specialized staff and resources

    Continuous optimization as processes are routinely refined

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