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The stakes don’t get much higher than when a patient’s life is on the line. A small error can have life-altering consequences, so it’s absolutely critical to deliver the right services to the right patient at the right time. Your security tools should help you deliver better patient outcomes, not stand in your way.


Healthcare Is Unique; Your Security Should Be, Too


At Optiv, we understand the unique challenges the healthcare industry faces. Our team of former healthcare CISOs and security professionals has lived through it all and has the expertise to help you secure your organization.


  • Patient protected health information (PHI) needs to be secured, while also ensuring providers have the right access to deliver care to patients

  • Ransomware is on the rise across all industries, but a disruption to healthcare services would be uncommonly catastrophic

  • Many facilities have a mix of technologies in their environment – everything from connected, internet of medical things (IoMT) devices like IVs and pacemakers, to imaging equipment running on deprecated operating systems, to legacy software storing patient records. Knowing what you have, much less how to protect it all, can be daunting

  • Speaking of legacy… many providers are behind the curve of digital transformation

  • On top of it all, security often gets the short end of the stick when it comes to budget and management support

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Healthcare Cybersecurity Use Cases

Healthcare Cybersecurity Use Cases.svg

It can be intimidating trying to build a secure hospital, but we have the expertise to help get you there. We’ve identified the top security use cases and can deliver on all of them.

  1. Identity maturity and credential management

  2. IoMT and device security management

  3. HIPAA compliance

  4. EDR and threat monitoring

  5. Data governance: discovery and classification
  1. Data protection: data loss prevention (DLP) and public key infrastructure (PKI)

  2. Third-party and business partner risk management

  3. Segmentation and network design

Optiv in Action: Case Studies

Assessing a State Agency

Assessing Compliance Posture and Third-Party Performance for a State Agency


A state agency with limited resources and a relatively new team sought to understand the overall maturity of their privacy program, with special attention to any gaps or vulnerabilities regarding HIPAA privacy compliance. They also contracted a third party to operate some of their facilities and needed to assess their performance against both HIPAA regulations and a sample facility run by the agency.


After conducting an assessment, Optiv presented a complete revision of policies to significantly increase program maturity and eliminate conflicting information between agency and third-party operations. This involved returning ownership and oversight of the privacy program to the covered entity privacy officer and creating and implementing new formal processes and documentation to align business practices with privacy regulations.


By the end of the engagement, the agency had established a mature, compliant standard to use across all the facilities they managed, and improved communication and collaboration between the covered entity and third-party associate to protect patient privacy. 

Highlighted Services


Security Strategy Assessment


Not sure where you stand today? A security strategy assessment can help you gauge your program’s effectiveness against the realities of your organization. We offer assessments tailored to the healthcare industry, so you know how you measure up to HIPAA and other regulations as well as your peers.


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HIPAA Security Assessment


How do HIPAA, HITECH and the Final Omnibus Rule impact your organization? What specific threats do you face? And most importantly, what measures should you take to address your long- and short-term compliance requirements? We’ll help you answer all these questions and more.


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HIPAA Security Assessment.jpg

Connected Device Security Services


Healthcare, like many industries, has seen a huge shift to connected devices. Not only that, but the emphasis has shifted to a fully connected care experience. Every connected device represents a potential security loophole. Optiv can help you gain visibility into all these components so you can reduce risk.


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