Cyber Recovery Solution (CRS)


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It’s About Business Continuity 


The modern organization runs on technology and data. When these get interrupted, business operations are quick to follow. Here’s where things get risky, though: the increasing interconnectivity of users, servers and cloud devices, paired with a continuous connection to the web, has created a complex business environment that’s rife for cyberattacks. And once inside a network, cybercriminals can hold mission-critical assets hostage, thereby sending operations to a jarring halt.


A good defense should:



Reduce your risk of downtime by protecting critical business assets and lessening the impact of a cyberattack.



Enhance recovery by building muscle memory and custom playbooks around incident response.



Build cyber resilience to anticipate and weather attacks in their many forms and maintain business continuity.

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Optiv Recognized as a Market Leader for its Cyber Recovery Solution


Optiv’s Cyber Recovery Solution

Assuming an eventual breach is the new reality with threats exploding in volume and velocity. Optiv’s Cyber Recovery Solution (CRS) helps identify and protect mission-critical assets, which enables rapid recovery to a secure state when an attack inevitably happens.


After classifying your business-critical data and associated systems, Optiv’s CRS delivers the resources, subject matter expertise and technical savvy to help prevent malware from replicating into your backup environment, and to ensure that your organization is prepared with immutable, clean backups. 


With CRS, you’ll not only raise your organization’s cyber threat preparedness, but you’ll also build a cyber resilient framework to face and withstand ransomware and other cyberattacks, even as they quickly evolve. 


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How It Works

Our approach to cyber recovery includes:

Critical Data Protection
  • Identifies assets and systems that are essential to continued business operations and must be protected in the event of a cyberattack
  • Understands and mapping interdependencies within your environment to pivot and recover when crucial operations are interrupted
  • Implements a vaulted, data-isolated, air-gapped backup solution that prevents data corruption and/or loss

CRS Delivers Results


Tune in as our cybersecurity strategy subject matter experts provide some enlightening answers about CRS - including how it works and how it’s already helping organizations secure greatness.

Cyber Recovery in Action


What does Optiv’s Cyber Recovery Solution process look like?


Data Categorization


Identify and prioritize mission-critical assets that drive with business objectives.

Strategy Development


Develop a comprehensive strategy that enhances existing security controls and transitions critical data backups to a secured solution.



Implement an automated air-gapped backup vault that prevents data corruption and/or loss.

Maintain and Test


Maintain and test solution programmatically to continuously enhance recovery capabilities.

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In this video interview with ISMG at the 2022 RSA Conference, Optiv Cyber Resilience Leader Jessica Hetrick discusses what cyber recovery truly means in an era when cyberattacks are all but inevitable.


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Optiv’s Cyber Recovery Solution is designed to significantly reduce risk compared to high-availability recovery solutions alone. This infographic takes a closer look at CRS, including how it helps you build resiliency into the core of your organization. 



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