Identity Services


Bringing Action to Strategy for a Mature Identity Program

We Can Help Your Identity Program Reach Maturity


As digital transformation, compliance and work-from-home requirements grow, your security perimeter becomes more fluid and dynamic. That makes identity and access management (IAM) more crucial than ever. Our identity services can help you reach maturity – no matter where your program stands today.


Business Enablement

  • Accelerate digital transformation
  • Secure remote work
  • Improve customer identity analytics

Operational Efficiency

  • Manage human and nonhuman identities
  • Integrate identity lifecycle management into processes
  • Optimize costs

Enhanced User Experience

  • Better manage end user access privileges
  • Enhance onboarding/deboarding process
  • Curb problematic password issues

Managed Security and Compliance

  • Detect fraud and proof identities
  • Manage compliance with industry regulations
  • Detect, react to and respond to dynamic threats

Optiv’s Identity Solutions

Identity FAST brief


Identity FAST

Our Identity Facilitated Advisory Sessions and Toolkits meet you where you are to evaluate your current IAM program, derive achievable action plans, build a case for IAM and help you gain C-suite buy-in. 


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Identity Advisory brief


Identity Advisory

The advice you need to mature your identity program. Our identity advisory service can help you bridge IAM talent gaps, assess your program’s maturity, develop actionable capability blueprints and drive end user adoption. 


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Identity Advisory case study


Identity Advisory Case Study

A healthcare client had been trying and failing to implement an identity solution. Learn how Optiv helped them create a custom identity offering based on their organizational requirements and goals.

Achieving Identity Program Maturity


Struggling to implement an identity program? You’re not alone. Many organizations have trouble with:


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Discussions too focused on which tool to buy and not on identifying and solving challenges

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Too much focus on “checking the boxes” for compliance

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Leadership asking, “when are we done?” – IAM is an ongoing process, not a project with a concrete end

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Loose team involvement and siloes hindering collaboration

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One-off projects leading to technology duplication

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IAM hindering business; processes are too manual and slow

So … what can be done about this?


Optiv-Recommended Approach and Industry Trends


Develop your enterprise objectives with senior executives and board of directors


Define your critical business processes and classify systems and supporting assets


Take stock of what you have and identify people, process and technology gaps


Prioritize and execute your program’s strategy


Continually measure performance, adapt and improve

Why Optiv Does Identity Better

Depth of Knowledge
  • 15+ identity leaders and practitioners with an average of 15 years’ experience solving complex IAM challenges
  • Proven industry and consulting experience