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The Right Data Access at the Right Time – Securely

What Are Your Identity Security Challenges?

What is Identity Security?


Every organization requires technology to do business. And you can’t use that tech without identity security. 


Identity security (also called identity governance and identity management) protects organizations from cyber threats that arise when they provide tech access to geographically dispersed teams accessing data in the cloud. It helps to securely authenticate, centrally control and audit how applications, DevOps and automation tools use secrets and privileged credentials to access databases, cloud environments and other sensitive resources. Protecting your business against the potential cyber risks that target digital identities is imperative.


Identity Security – Vital but Vulnerable


It seems simple: users must be granted access to corporate systems and applications to do their jobs. And your customers need access to web-facing applications to interact with your organization. Identity is a vital function to help manage user interactions and prevent cybersecurity incidents through the abuse of credentials. 


Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly skilled at exploiting system vulnerabilities and utilizing social engineering tactics as a path to breach networks and gain access to critical information. These risks accelerate as organizations pivot to the cloud and invest in digital transformation initiatives. Data is every organization’s most vital asset. In today’s digital world, taking an identity-centric cybersecurity approach is paramount to combat evolving identity-focused threats.

Identity attackers almost always start by compromising credentials. 


From there, they move to other levels of privileged access escalation until they reach their goal – your data.

Ask Yourself

Ask yourself 1


Does your organization continue to struggle with providing the right access to the right resources at the right time?

Ask yourself 2


With expanding business demands, how can you reduce the risk associated with complex identity implementation projects?



Are your identity challenges getting better or worse?

How Optiv Solves the Identity Security Problem


Your organization may have invested heavily in identity security tools, but too often, these initiatives are technology- or problem-centric, leading to a piecemeal set of “solutions” that can create chaos in the operations center.


Optiv drives an integrated strategic view of the challenge. You’ll leverage existing investments in migrating your organization to a more strategic identity footing. We’ll collaborate to create a tailored solution supporting your business growth and reducing risk. 


Leverage Our Identity Security Partnerships


We’ve partnered with leading identity security providers across identity access management, identity management, access governance, privileged access management and data security, and analytics to create a team of experts ready to help advise, deploy and operate the technologies that best meet your requirements.


Our Identity Partners

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