Manage Cyber Risk to Protect Your Business


Keep threat actors away from where they don't belong

Stay Ahead of the Threat Curve

For decades, organizations have implemented identity management strategies to protect against unauthorized eyes, but the adoption of cloud platforms and software as a service (SaaS) has unveiled challenges with identity ownership and mismatched technology. In an age of innovation for cyber criminals, protecting your business requires more than switching to two-factor authentication (2FA). Modern threats require modern solutions.



Upgrade Your Approach


Optiv helps clients meet digital business requirements with a modern and effective Identity and Access Management (IAM) program to reduce risk and protect sensitive data. Our experts have protected millions of digital assets and identities through our best-in-class methodology. We integrate security requirements, business needs and user adoption to produce a solution that minimizes identity challenges and supports business growth. 

Protect Against Persistent Threats


Granting employees and clients access to corporate systems and applications is part of doing business, but you can prevent this access from falling into the wrong hands. Secure your enterprise with an Identity and Access Management program designed by our industry-seasoned experts. Contact us to see how upgrading your approach to managing cyber risk protects your business.

Manage cyber risk with an outcome-based approach to accelerate business progress.