CMMC Compliance: Protect Your Federal Business Relationships


Fulfilling New CMMC Requirements Takes More Than a Compliance Audit – Much More

New CMMC Compliance Standards

Could Impact Your Bottom Line


Security compliance is key to winning business with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). But managing that compliance is fast becoming more complicated and expensive, especially with new changes that could have major impacts on your business.


The DoD announced a new security standard for contractors intended to address growing cybersecurity concerns. The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) will require all contractors to conduct cybersecurity audits and earn certification to bid on new work with the DoD.


CMMC is not merely a technology audit. It can mean changes across your organization – affecting people, processes, and technologies – depending on what level of certification your company requires.


Without CMMC, you will not be able to view, bid on, or execute contracts for which you aren’t certified. But with Optiv’s CMMC Readiness Support, you can be sure you’re ready once CMMC is fully implemented all along the way – from an aligned federal business strategy to updated review-ready artifacts for certification.




Who Needs Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)?


Simply put, anyone in the defense contract supply chain, including contractors who work directly with the DoD and subcontractors who are helping fulfill/execute those contracts.


Are you involved with any type of government contracts? 

If no  >>  you could still be required to get CMMC if you’re a supplier for a DoD contractor that works with controlled, unclassified information (CUI). Example: If your client has to provide you access to CUI for you to complete your work then you’ll need to be certified to match the level of the CUI. If you only provide a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product then no CMMC is required because data is not being transferred to you for the development or use of your product.


If yes  >>  you’ll need to be compliant, but there are different types of requirements depending on what level of certification you need.

Cybersecurity Shortcomings Can Damage Federal Operations and Compromise National Security

“U.S. businesses are experiencing a dramatic escalation of threats in cyberspace – from nation states, criminal organizations, extremists, company insiders, and hacktivists – and the threats have been growing in sophistication, as well.


Moreover, all of this has come at a time of transformation in how businesses operate as a result of the measures taken to reduce the spread of the global pandemic. The combination of increased threats and new vulnerabilities has made cybersecurity ever more difficult.


Nowhere is the substantial increase in the quantity and quality of threats in cyberspace more important than in the companies that are part of the supply chain of the Defense Industrial Base; indeed, cybersecurity shortcomings in those companies can result in serious damage to federal operations and compromise our national security.


American firms must upgrade their cyber defenses, and Optiv is determined to provide American companies with the most effective and most efficient comprehensive, integrated, managed cybersecurity solution possible.”








General David H. Petraeus, USA (Ret.)

Partner, KKR; Chairman, KKR Global Institute; Optiv Board of Directors

Frequently Asked Questions About CMMC

What is CMMC?

More than a compliance audit

The CMMC is a new way of doing business with the federal government. Once fully implemented, no existing or potential defense contractor will be allowed to view or bid on new contracts without certification at one of five maturity levels. The new certification is designed to verify that any Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Contractor can adequately protect Federal Contract Information (FCI) and Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). DIB contractors must prove compliance through a CMMC Third-Party Assessor Organization (C3PAO) or risk losing any future business with the DOD.

CMMC Program Implementation Challenges






Insufficient Resources

Compliance can be time-intensive and technology capabilities can be cumbersome. Many small or medium companies do not have a dedicated resource to perform cybersecurity testing such as vulnerability scanning, network scanning, pen testing, etc.






Lack of Formalization

Over 60% of the requirements to comply with CMMC Level 2 or above are based on formalization and documentation (e.g. policies, procedures and resourcing plans). Even if a company has the technology required, the documentation is often lacking.






Inadequate Training and Awareness

Leadership is not always aware of regulatory requirements and as a result does not understand the compliance requirements. It is very important that a top-down security strategy is implemented in order to provide adequate protection. Just look around – how many people hold the office door open for others? 

Optiv CMMC Solutions

Many organizations see the CMMC as just another compliance check-the-box requirement – not realizing the impact CMMC can have on their entire company if implemented without considering their broader business.


We think about the CMMC differently. With Optiv, you can rely on our expert assistance throughout the entire journey.

Get advice on a strategic approach tailored to your organization’s federal business strategy

Receive provisional CMMC reviews, including a compliance package and evidentiary artifact preparation

Develop actionable roadmaps with remediation recommendations to help meet your CMMC goals

Deploy end-to-end security solutions, technology, architecture and implementation offerings to achieve full compliance

Speak to a CMMC Compliance Expert


Our Strategy and Transformation team understands that successful CMMC compliance requires more than a simple assessment. No matter your business size, our tailored CMMC solutions will help keep it running, growing and compliance-ready now and into the future. Contact us today.