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Custom Software Solutions Help You Rise Above the Competition

Modernize Legacy Apps for Improved Performance

Keeping your competitive edge means your organization must constantly adapt to changing customer and business needs—and so does your software.


But many organizations are limited by legacy systems that are resistant to modernization or vendor solutions that aren’t built with their specific requirements in mind. Commercial off-the-shelf solutions are built for standard use cases and intended to be used by the broadest possible set of users. So they’re inefficient and typically fail to meet specific processes and workflows.


Often, a tailored approach yields far better results. Custom software is designed for your company’s unique set of business needs and provides superior functionality. Beyond being a better fit for your business, custom software can also be a powerful differentiator, setting your company apart from your competitors in a noisy market.

Custom Software Solutions with Optiv

The Optiv Software Design Services team can work with you to tailor software solutions to fit your business. Whether you’re looking for application modernization, web application development, or an extension of legacy technologies, our Design Services team will work with you to achieve the superior functionality a custom solution provides.


The Optiv Advantage:


  • Collaborative approach to ensure we fully understand your business goals, challenges and targeted results
  • Comprehensive development of mockups to ensure everyone is fully aligned
  • Transparent, iterative process that encourages active participation and regular feedback
  • Delivery of tailored software that lets clients configure, secure and deploy on-prem or in the cloud
  • Full post-implementation support


Tailored Software Solutions Create Agility, Efficiency and Savings


Custom software development can help you meet unique business requirements at a cost that is typically competitive with buying, maintaining and modifying commercial software—and gives you much better results.




Improved Efficiency

Because custom software is purpose-built to support your specific business needs, your organization will operate more efficiently, and you’ll eliminate wasted time spent tweaking commercial off-the-shelf solutions.




Lower Integration Costs

Custom software is built from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with your existing and legacy infrastructure, so it works like it’s supposed to—right from the moment it’s implemented.




Inherent Scalability

Custom software can grow with your business because future needs are integral to the requirements-gathering phase. You’ll never have to purchase additional licenses or pay to modify your solutions.




Vendor Independence

Customizing your own software solutions also frees you from being bound to specific vendors. That means you’ll avoid inevitable price hikes for licensing and support, and you’ll never be caught with a product that has been terminated.


Case Studies


Optiv Software Design Services has already helped companies like yours custom-build software to meet their evolving business needs — from design and development to management and maintenance.


A large entertainment company, dissatisfied with marketing campaign inefficiencies, sought to boost its audience definition to acquisition and syndication processes. Having articulated its requirements and goals, the company collaborated with Optiv to define a tailored solution that optimized workflows and better served its business needs.


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Optiv Solutions

Optiv Design Services helps organizations like yours define and develop secure software solutions tailored to match your unique business requirements and processes. These custom solutions help you differentiate your business in a crowded market with improved workflows, efficiency, and productivity.


Optiv Design Services include:


Storyboarding and Mock Development supports clients from concept and requirements to complete storyboards or software mockups to ensure that development will meet both expectations and business needs.


Tailored Software Development helps clients develop tailored apps that meet exacting success criteria that off-the-shelf solutions can’t match. 


Plugin and Extension Development helps clients adapt vendor technologies that may not include critical capabilities to meet their business needs.


Application Modernization helps update existing applications to support evolving business, performance or scaling requirements.



Optiv Software Design Services

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The Optiv Software Design Services team can help you successfully design, implement and manage custom software that improves efficiency, security and productivity. You’ll work with a team of engineers, architects, and developers specializing in tailoring software solutions for companies across industries. Our experts hold the highest certifications available and have deep experience serving more than 7,000 clients in 70 countries, including more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies. Contact us today.