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Vast Partner Ecosystem with You at the Center

We are the partner of choice for 450+ leading technology vendors. These long-term relationships coupled with our comprehensive capabilities and deep product knowledge enable us to create powerful software-enabled solutions that unlock your full potential. 


With Optiv, you always have the best solutions available through our reliable ecosystem of 450+ technology partners.


A Diverse Ecosystem to Meet Your Specialized Needs

As the largest convener of cybersecurity technology providers in the market today, we know cybersecurity. But we also know your industry, vertical and challenges. This unique vantage point allows us to evaluate and customize security technology, services and/or complete solutions based on your specific needs and business goals. Our approach centers around your success!


This includes sharing insights and real-world applications that minimize cyber risk based on the newest technologies and approaches, tested and evaluated by our experts to help maximize efficiencies and meet compliance requirements.

Recent Partner Awards

2022 Americas Partner of the Year

2022 US and Canada Partner of the Year

2022 Security Services Innovator of the Year

2023 AMER Partner of the Year


2022 North America Partner of the Year


2022 Americas Partner of the Year

We work with partners in every major domain, including:

Traditional Cybersecurity Technology Providers


From identity and firewalls to SIEM and data protection, we work with all the security domain leaders to ensure clients have access to the best technology on the market

Cloud Security Partners


Optiv helps clients secure data and assets across private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud environments with a solution tied directly to your business strategy

Emerging Technology/Solution Providers


As experts develop new ways to solve old problems, we evaluate and test these approaches to identify the most reliable and cost-efficient ways to protect your business against cyber risk

Co-Innovation Solutions


These one-of-a-kind solutions leverage both Optiv’s competitive offerings and our partners’ technology to solve our clients’ most challenging cyber problems

Why Clients and Partners Choose Optiv


Optiv is the proven strategic partner for secure business transformation. We work closely with our partners to be at the forefront of the future of cybersecurity.



We earn our clients’ trust by providing data-driven, expert recommendations for their security programs. Working with the best cyber technology on the market provides Optiv with the insights to identify gaps and advise our clients on the best investments for their unique business challenges based on their industry and environment.




Our partnerships are focused on providing the premier technologies to the right clients. We work alongside our partners to support their vision for digital transformation with the technology and solutions they provide. Each partner was intentionally selected based on their ability to offer the best results to our clients.


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