Cybersecurity Infrastructure


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The State of Your Cybersecurity Infrastructure


Cybersecurity infrastructure describes the physical and cybersecurity systems and assets that are so vital to your organization that the incapacity or destruction of them would have a debilitating impact on the organization. 


Consider your vast infrastructure: data, IoT, operational technology, cloud, endpoint, network security and physical security.

Your infrastructure is under constant threat from a magnitude of evolving sources. 

Compliance is breathing down your neck and you need additional expertise. 


Are you reaching for new security tools to plug holes? This reactive approach may solve short-term issues, but it ultimately results in an accumulation of disparate technologies with too few resources to manage them – increasing risk, complexity and inefficiency. 


Every part of your infrastructure needs to be examined to ensure it’s operating efficiently, effectively and at scale. 

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Where are your security infrastructure gaps? 

Build a More Effective Cybersecurity Infrastructure



We assess and advise. We architect and deploy. We manage and optimize. Where other providers have finite capabilities, we have this incredible vantage point where we can forecast and cover the full breadth of your cybersecurity program – we are a true extension of your internal cybersecurity team.


It’s like remodeling your home. Hundreds of moving pieces require constant attention; is your electrician talking to your plumber? Do you have the right permits?

You need a general contractor you can rely on to expertly attend to the details and help you manage the big picture.


The same goes for your cybersecurity program. Optiv’s power is a deep understanding of security strategy and implementation in the context of business agility and innovation. We can meet you wherever you are in your journey and help you plan and better prepare for future attacks.

Leverage Our Cybersecurity Infrastructure Partnerships


We’ve partnered with 450+ leading cybersecurity infrastructure providers across IoT, operational technology, cloud security, endpoint security, network security and physical security to create a team of experts ready to help improve your security posture. 


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