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From analyzing procedures and personnel to providing sustainable risk reduction and security programs that align with your business goals, Optiv’s Risk Assessment and Transformation Services ensure your system is ready to reduce your risk.


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Defend Your Extended Ecosystem


Tap into Optiv’s deep well of knowledge to protect yourself from threats, both expected and unforeseen.

TPRM Service Brief


Optiv’s Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) Services help you defend your extended ecosystem. With Optiv, you’ll gain the tools, expertise and guidance you need to assess and mitigate relationship, business profile and controls risk.


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TPRM Infographic


Third-party risk management includes establishing the monitoring and reporting of third-party risks based on analytics and a continually updated database of services and vendors, all specific to your business. Optiv helps to identify gaps and develop recommendations specific to your unique requirements.


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Know the Risks of Third Parties


Optiv’s utility belt of assessment tools, logical workflows, industry-specific compliance standards and business strategies makes us the experts you need to identify and measure the risk of your third parties. 


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