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Identity Solutions Have Evolved

Rethinking Boundaries in a Cloud-First World – With Identity

As enterprise cloud adoption continues to soar, the notion of protecting a network’s perimeter just doesn’t cut it anymore. The new cloud-based reality requires an equally novel approach to ensure that the right users have the right access to the right systems, applications and data.


The key to this nebulous conundrum lies in identity. Gone are the days when it was simply another layer to be considered in a perimeter-focused security model — where all it takes to breach an organization is one person clicking an infected link. With network boundaries blurring and user types diversifying, identity is now the clear nucleus of future-state cybersecurity programs.   


Securing Digital Identities Sans Friction


A flood of nonhuman users has muddied the waters around identity. As digital transformation (DX) adds more and more system resources, IoT devices and bots into the mix, telling them apart from their human counterparts can become quite an undertaking.


Optiv’s IGA services are here to help clear things up. Because no two businesses are the same, our experts start from scratch designing and deploying a holistic IGA program to fit your current model, delivering a user experience that’s both secure and snag-less.


Our solutions include:


Strategy Workshops and Assessments 

After a current-state analysis of your identity data, business requirements and use cases, we’ll create a tailored roadmap for strategic direction. 

Holistic Deployments 

Our solutions are custom-built and thoughtfully implemented around your enterprise’s past, present and future.   

User Lifecycle Management 

We’ll establish tried and true management processes throughout all user lifecycle stages to maximize security and ease of use.

The Optiv Approach to Identity Governance and Administration

Technical Health



Perform health analysis of existing data

Identity Data



Validate state of identity data (authoritative and application)


Development and



Design implementations tailored for optimal effectiveness

Installation and



Configure technology based on Optiv best practices



Outsource IGA management operations with Optiv experts

On-Demand Identity



Assist with post-production identity solutions support services

Focused Security Strategy


Develop targeted strategy, roadmap to increase maturity

Performance and Control


Establish system checkpoints and adjust workstreams




Manage administration, maintenance and reporting




Maintain platform, users, access, compliance and configuration



Monitor capabilities and check strategic alignments

World-Class Identity Governance Partners


Can we brag about our identity partners for just a moment? They’re the best in the business, bar none, and that’s good news for those seeking identity-related solutions. On the one hand, you have our partners’ market-leading technologies. On the other, you have the operational oversight and added expertise of Optiv’s identity governance and administration services. Put them together, and there’s not an identity puzzle they can’t solve.


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