Secure Business Outcomes


Manage cyber risk with an outcome-based approach to accelerate business progress

Build a Cyber Secure Future

The digital revolution is making the world smaller and cyber bigger.


As organizations become more agile, digitized and connected than ever before, CISOs are increasingly asked to balance capital and risk. Optiv understands that digital modernization and cyber risk are two sides of the same coin. That’s why we manage cyber risk with an outcome-based approach to accelerate business progress. Protect your future in an age of digital transformation with Optiv.

Manage Cyber Risk To:


Ensure Compliance


Regulations and industry standards are complex and ever-changing. Optiv’s privacy, data governance, risk management and compliance programs help clients navigate these dynamic regulatory environments to meet current and future obligations and standards.


Protect Your Business


Securing your organization means taking the next steps toward modernization. Optiv helps clients meet digital business requirements with a modern and effective Identity and Access Management (IAM) program that integrates security requirements, business needs and user adoption.



Maximize Effectiveness


Ensure your investments show their worth by optimizing your cybersecurity resources and tech stack. Optiv lightens the load on internal security teams by helping to improve technology utilization and integration, provide outsourcing services and promote better cyber hygiene.


Build Resilience


Cyber resilience should be proactive. Optiv helps clients identify, assess, classify and proactively respond to cyber threats and vulnerabilities faster and with more accuracy to better maintain business continuity and more rapidly recover to a secure state if attacks occur.



Mitigate Risk with Clarity and Confidence


With Optiv, managing cyber risk doesn’t have to feel like an uphill battle. Our approach centers on verifiable, custom security solutions that consider your business and regulatory environments. From concept to completion, our experts will help you strengthen your risk-response strategies across your organization. See how our approach to managing cyber risk transforms business security.


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