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*Source: | Hackerpocalypse Cybercrime Report 2016

Every day news outlets seem to announce yet another major commercial software compromise or a huge customer data leak. And you’re well aware of what these attacks can cost organizations both monetarily and reputationally. 


How much is this number growing? Experts predict 15% cybercrime growth year over year, reaching $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. That’s $11.4M per minute.*


Your traditional security methods – event managers and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) — can’t keep pace as your enterprise expands its network in the cloud and on mobile devices and IoT/OT devices. It’s time for you to get a strategic perspective to operationalize and manage the program effectively.


Get Cyber Fraud Services Brief

Assess Tools, Technology, Processes, Procedures (TTPs) and Managerial Oversight


Social engineering, dark web search, phishing, default passwords, brute force, account takeover, third-party application exploitation, payment data theft. Oof.


Fraud is seriously lucrative to hackers. And that means a strong fraud program offers a tangible benefit – it helps prevent assets/data/money from being stolen from your organization.


The problem is, your fraud team has to see it to prevent it.

If you aren’t sure of the six W’s of data (who, what, why, where, when and which) this service can help. Optiv’s cyber fraud kill chain breaks into pieces adversarial approaches for executing fraud. At each phase, the adversary will attempt unique TTPs to bypass controls, gain access to protected environments and execute the fraudulent activity.


Optiv uses a multi-layer strategy of our own TTPs and the best approach to protect, detect and respond via enhanced governance, procedures and technology.

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your fraud program.

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Reduce the impact

of fraud incidents.

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Reduce the risk

of a broader fraud based attack.

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fraud and event visibility.

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response time.

Let’s Get Your Baseline and Build a Custom Solution


As your partner, we help develop a phased approach that starts with Optiv experts analyzing your organization’s current cyber fraud strategy. We then align the severity and the probability of a cyber fraud attack to develop a unified blueprint that also provides complete visibility of your assets.


Our approach helps you:



the adversary, environment and specific TTPs used


governance documentation


processes in compliance


tools and technology to detect adversaries


to the changing threat landscape 

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