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Connected Devices Have Dramatically Expanded the Capabilities of Modern Technology — While Opening Completely New Vectors of Cyber Attack

The Rise of Connected Devices Presents New Security Risks


Digital transformation drives the phenomenal growth of connected devices in nearly every industry. There were roughly 26 billion connected devices in 2019, up from 7 billion in 2018 — and IDC estimates there will be more than 41 billion by 2025. That’s roughly five for every human on the planet.


Connected devices promise tremendous advantages in terms of optimizing operations and streamlining production processes — but they also create significant, often overlooked security challenges. Connected devices present new targets for attacks through vulnerability exploitation, weak or default passwords, unclosed or unpatched backdoors, unsegmented networks and botnets.


It’s possible to defend against these types of attacks by developing a stronger security strategy that covers all your connected devices. With Optiv, you’ll build a program that’s aligned with your unique business needs to deliver documented and verified results.

There were roughly 26 billion connected devices in 2019, up from 7 billion in 2018 — and IDC estimates there will be more than 41 billion by 2025.

Manage IoT Vulnerabilities to Protect Your Devices


It can be challenging to develop a robust security plan that covers all the different types of IoT deployments in your organization. With Optiv, you’ll develop a program that focuses on embedded devices using a proven approach to discovering and securing them from attack. With Optiv, you’ll identify, segment and protect all your IoT devices — and the data they produce.


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Connected Healthcare Devices Presents Unique Challenges

The IoT revolution also impacted the healthcare industry. The industry has seen major advancements in telemedicine and remote monitoring. But increasingly, the emphasis has shifted to fully connected care approaches that include patient monitoring, care team communication, procedural integrations, supply and medication management, smart beds, biosensors — and more.


Every IoT device in this new scheme presents a potential security loophole. With Optiv, you’ll take a capabilities-based approach to meet your business needs and accelerate project execution. You’ll have better visibility into connected components across your security environment — including infrastructure, data flow, and threats.


Security for Your Expanding Connected Operational Technology Devices Ecosystem

Operational technologies (OT) were typically separate from other systems, providing a level of security because each device had to be physically accessed to change its programming. Connecting OT systems into your larger IT environment yields tremendous benefits — but it also significantly expands your threat surface.


With Optiv, you can converge your IT and OT systems and processes to securely deliver data to gain competitive advantages, greater efficiencies, and new market opportunities.

Why Choose Optiv to Secure Your Connected Devices


Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, Optiv can help secure your connected systems, devices and processes to improve efficiency and create competitive advantages.


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Rapid threat assessment

Gain visibility into active anomalies, remote connections and misconfigurations in less than two weeks.

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Physical security assessment and OT penetration testing

Review and identify critical physical vulnerabilities.

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On-Demand SMEs

Rely on expert consultants to review architectures and discuss best practices, including patching, SOAR, risk, gaps 

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Harden and connect assessment

Harden legacy networks and plan for future connectivity using a standards-based assessment.

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Manage deployment and tuning

Turn to security experts to install, tune and manage security tools for better adoption and success.

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