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Business Speed + Threat Complexity = Reactive Threat Management

Network connections, apps, websites, social media, mobile, email and more – security threats come in from every direction. Adopting IoT, virtual environments and cloud applications are probably stretching your security program because it wasn’t built to align with your business operations. And then third-party open-source components add even more complexity, and “who does what?” in IT complicates the task of tracking issues. 


It’s nearly impossible to detect and manage things across this ever-changing environment. You can’t fix what you can’t find, and hackers are getting better at hiding every day. Buying more tools as a reaction to specific threats can make integration and remediation more difficult. It’s a growing problem, and it doesn’t help bridge security and IT operations, reduce risk, or communicate ROI to the board.



Hackers are getting better at hiding every day. 

What Is Threat Management?


Threat management is a framework and related set of practices that enable organizations to continuously identify, assess, classify and respond to threats and related vulnerabilities, using proven remediation and mitigation techniques and best practices, to reduce dwell time and minimize cyber risks faster and with more accuracy. 


It’s about identifying your organization’s attack surface, leveraging your existing security controls to maximize the value of your current investments, knowing where security gaps exist, and understanding which applications, assets, services, and information technology (IT) environments (whether cloud-based, virtual, or on-premise) are most appealing to threat actors. Having a well-planned, fully-staffed, threat and vulnerability management capability allows you to identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities and malicious activity faster, respond more rapidly to security incidents, reduce threat actor dwell time, remediate issues and more naturally, “build security in” – from the beginning – for your overall IT infrastructure, applications and related services.

Why You Need a Better Threat Management Solution

Effective threat management is about knowing what your attack surface is comprised of, understanding where security gaps exist and what assets are most appealing to threat actors, and honing the ability to detect – while ensuring a quick and effective response.


It’s a stable four-legged stool. Remove any one leg … and it collapses.


As your organization evolves, new technologies and policies must be integrated strategically, not just deployed tactically (and perhaps even haphazardly) and compliance should be the result of the plan, not its entire purpose.



With Optiv’s holistic threat management approach, you can:


  • Discover strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify vulnerabilities and malicious activity faster than standard detection methods
  • Respond rapidly and reduce threat actor dwell time
  • Remediate issues and naturally build security

Optiv Threat Management Services


Our Threat Experts Have Been Here Before


We deliver a security-first perspective with a holistic approach to infrastructure and programs.


Lines of code reviewed


Vulnerabilities identified


Hours pen testing


Hours application testing


Hours of incident management


Of vulnerabilities Optiv identifies are not identified by automated tools


Consultants with 110+ certifications and 1500+ years combined threat experience


Of Fortune 500 companies use Optiv threat management services

A dedicated team comprised of only 4% of top applicants exclusively performing attack and penetration services.

Leverage market-leading attack and penetration R&D that identifies and exposes the newest attack vectors.

Manual testing and verification methods that supplement automated scanning to ensure a comprehensive assessment of your entire security program.

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