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Assess, Address and Command Your Security Technology With Confidence

Get the Most Out of Your Technology Investments

Cyber threats are on the rise in our hyperconnected world, pushing organizations to play the security technology game harder than ever before.


But while investing in the cutting edge of security technologies is a win on its own, truly harnessing its capabilities can put your business in another league.


Luckily, knowing top-notch security solutions inside and out falls right into Optiv’s wheelhouse. No matter where you are on your technology journey, we’re ready to advise, deploy, mature, support and even manage solutions to help you evolve your security environment and get every last dime out of your investments.  

Technology Advisory Services


Let’s face it — information security isn’t getting any less complicated. To help you navigate the complexity of managing technology sprawl, we offer a range of security technology advisory services that include:

Objective Technology Analysis & Validation (OTAV)

Leverage our expertise to help you select the best security technology for your specific business priorities and requirements.


Learn More About OTAV


All-Inclusive to À La Carte Security Technology Solutions


Your business relies on your security infrastructure, so whether implementing or honing it, your natural objective is to minimize risks and avoid any disruptions to business as usual. With expertise in hundreds of vendor solutions and industry best practices, Optiv’s Technology Services can help you do just that.


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Implementation and Migration

Whether implementing new products and solutions or migrating existing ones, our experts will help you make a safe and smooth transition and maximize your investments.

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Health Check and Optimization

Using industry and vendor best practices, we’ll review, identify and remediate any technical issues to ensure your security infrastructure is configured for optimal performance and protection.



Maturity Services

Optiv provides a regular cadence of optimization services to rigorously assess and calibrate the environment to improve overall platform health, stability and coverage.



Authorized Support

From troubleshooting to triage, we provide 24/7/365 support so you can spend more time managing your security program and less time waiting for answers.



Technology Management

Our service fills technology resource gaps, optimizes performance and removes your day-to-day maintenance burdens, freeing up your technical staff.

Leverage a Seasoned Security Methodology


Our team approaches all engagements with a client-focused process of implementing, migrating, maturing and assessing the overall health of your security solutions. Along the way, we’ll provide deep expertise in your technology of choice and share our industry experience to ensure security best practices.


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  • Readiness assessments
  • Objective Technology Analysis and Validation
  • Budgetary planning



  • Wireless site surveys
  • Network mapping
  • Technology summits and workshops (eg. SIEM, Network Segmentation)



  • Technology design workshops
  • Architecture development
  • Architecture reviews



  • Quick Starts
  • Implementations
  • Migrations
  • Integrations
  • MSS onboarding



  • Staffing programs
  • Technology support services
  • Managed services



  • Security Technology Rationalization
  • Network Security Architecture Review
  • Firewall Rule Review
  • Endpoint Configuration Review
  • Wireless security assessments
  • Health checks and optimizations
  • Maturity services

Putting the Right Talent in the Right Places


It can be cumbersome to staff specific security technology solutions, and expensive to boot. Pressure to track down talent quickly makes finding the right fit even more challenging. Let us help fill the gaps. Choose from:

Tap Into Our Expertise Whenever You Need It


Optiv’s security consultants hold deep technical knowledge in a gamut of security solutions, including how to integrate them with diverse business models. Thanks to our broad industry relationships, we assess and optimize not just the security technology itself, but its relationship with the rest of the ecosystem, too.



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