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As digital initiatives shift applications and users to the cloud and mobile platforms, modern organizations are faced with even more data growth, in more places. The constant threat of unauthorized access across this expanding attack surface places sensitive consumer and organizational information at higher risk.


Knowing what data needs to be protected, controlling its access and siloed organizational ownership of data in general are common challenges in today’s environments from the ground to the cloud. 


Data protection strategies aid organizations in safeguarding against both internal and external threats, data corruption and data loss. The processes include a mix of managing the movement of data on- and offline, cataloging data assets and making critical business data available in all cases.


Did You Know?


of breaches are linked to internal actors



Percentage of 2020 breaches involving personal data

Optiv: Your Data Protection Partner


Your users – and your business – rely on having access to your ever-growing stores of data. Optiv data protection offerings play a key role in safeguarding your data from compromise, corruption, and loss – thereby assuring your data’s availability. By partnering with Optiv, you gain our broad perspective on the “bigger picture” of data protection – including how data governance and data privacy policies influence its requirements and how data protection supports your larger cybersecurity efforts. Our unique role as both advisor and implementer guides you seamlessly from strategy creation to execution of your data protection program using technologies that fit your specific needs.


Count on Optiv for solutions that allow you to count on your data.

Unlock Data’s Power – But Keep It Locked

Optiv data protection offerings are a component of the Optiv Data Practice, which also includes Data Governance and Data Privacy. Our team of seasoned experts applies a strategy-first approach to define the requirements for and implement measures that protect the information in your care:

Meet Your Data Protection Team


Optiv Data Protection experts bring a unique blend of business and depth of technical knowledge not often seen in the industry. It’s no wonder clients rely on these strengths to design and implement solutions that keep data available but protected and ensure rapid recovery – regardless of the cause.

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A Best-Fit Approach


Each client has unique requirements for data protection and availability. We address your needs using a vendor-agnostic approach that reflects a “best-fit” in terms of technology.


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