Operational Technology Security


Protect Your SCADA Devices — and Data — From Attack

OT Devices Enable Transformation — and Present New Risks


Operational technology (OT) has forever altered the threat landscape. 

An explosion of new devices and data sources is creating vulnerabilities that never existed before. OT devices are foundational for effective digital transformation in several industries—including manufacturing of all types. The broad use of OT devices allows for improved data utilization, better technology management, increased output, and reduced costs and downtime.

But OT devices also greatly expand your organization’s threat surface. Their sheer number and broad distribution create new vulnerabilities. Traditional network security often can’t detect OT connections or adequately determine the extent of your organization’s expanded threat surface.

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Integrate OT Devices Into Your Network Security

OT devices are being connected and used in unexpected ways. In the past, the general lack of connectivity and integration with other systems created inherent security. Devices had to be accessed physically to update programming or retrieve data.


But today, these devices are integral to IT networks in distributed systems—which opens up new attack vectors and vulnerabilities that couldn’t be exploited before. Maintaining effective security in this new environment is getting harder every day.


With Optiv, you’ll gain the guidance, knowledge, and expertise you need to address your security needs in a distributed environment and balance them with your business objectives. You’ll identify, segment and protect OT devices across your ecosystem—along with the data they produce.

Why Customers Choose Optiv

Certified Professionals

NERC-CIP, CISSP, IEC 62443, API 1164, GICSP and more

Meet The Team

John Powell, Sr. Consultant


Powell has 30+ years of experience in the chemical, oil, gas fields, water Utilities, and U.S. Department of Energy. 

Damian Scott, Sr. Consultant


Scott works in Optiv’s ICS Solutions practice and has more than 20 years’ experience as an IT technical  professional focused on security engineering.

Isaac Guevara,Sr. Consultant


As a previous systems design specialist, Guevara has spent time working on the plant floor all the way to the cloud.

Curt Smith, Sr. Consultant


With more than 20 years working in both consulting and enterprise organizations.  

Optiv Solutions


Optiv OT Security Service helps you converge IT and OT systems and processes to securely deliver data to gain competitive advantages, greater efficiencies, and new market opportunities.

Core Practice Services

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Managed Threat for OT 


This service provides you with 24/7 alert triage and platform support for OT network sensors to enhance incident detection and response.


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physical security assessment


Physical Security Assessment and OT Penetration Testing 


This service provides you with a detailed review and identification of critical physical vulnerabilities across your OT networks.


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