Operational Technology (OT) Security Services


Protect Your SCADA Devices and Mission Critical ICS Networks

Operational Technology has Altered the Threat Landscape


Operational technology (OT) and connected devices have fundamentally altered the way we do business. They allow organizations across industries to improve data use, manage their technology more effectively, increase output and reduce costs and downtime.


Those benefits, however, come with a cost. New endpoints and data sources are also creating novel vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, traditional network security often can’t accurately map these risks, especially when security isn’t standardized across facilities. This is particularly troublesome in organizations where OT-run factories are the primary source of revenue. Here, an impact to OT is an impact to the bottom line.


Optiv will meet you wherever you are on your OT journey, whether that’s mastering the fundamentals or building advanced capabilities. Our OT cyber services are designed to enhance uptime, safety and resiliency by helping you identify your business-specific OT risks for an integrated approach that spans your entire organization.


OT Journey


Optiv Operational Technology Services

Advisory Services

Optiv’s advisory services leverage industrial control systems (ICS) experts with a cybersecurity focus to blend the best security programs with existing control services. Our primary objective is to maintain the health and safety of your OT environments and keep your facilities online. Optiv offers a hardening service, which is the foundation to identifying risk and qualifying opportunities, alongside additional services to fit your unique requirements.

Core Advisory Service


  • Security Risk Assessment – Tabletop evaluation uses a process hazard analysis to identify cyber risk related to the impacts and consequences of a cyber disruption to client operations

  • Threat Modeling – Using the results of the risk assessment, this service catalogs threat actors, cyber consequences and malicious activity to identify potential threats

  • Strategic OT Roadmap – This engagement uses cost, complexity and effectiveness to tailor a roadmap of future projects to your unique objectives

Additional Advisory Services


  • OT Technical Network Validation – We use a best-in-class OT asset discovery and inventory tool to evaluate your network’s cyber risk and identify technical areas of improvement

  • OT Site Walk – OT cyber experts walk the grounds of your facilities to perform a deeper evaluation focusing on physical sites and third-party risks to your OT assets

  • OT Policy Build – Facilitate client discussions to define, design and implement your OT security policies to mitigate risk in your environments

Optiv Serves a Variety of Industries


Food and Beverages


Advise (Case Study)

Operate (Case Study)


Distribution Centers





Operate (Case Study)





Pharmaceutical and Healthcare


Advise (Case Study)

Deploy (Case Study)

Operate (Case Study)




Operate (Case Study)

Protecting our Power: Optiv and NREL

The United States has over 55,000 substations providing power to our homes, businesses, hospitals and critical infrastructure. These substations have become a cyber target, which puts people and industries at risk of power disruption. Learn how Optiv’s OT team partnered with the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) to understand the methods and challenges of integrating core cybersecurity technologies into our electrical substations.

Our Tailored OT Framework


Optiv’s customized framework enables organizations to identify procedural security gaps and technical vulnerabilities, as well as implement industry leading cyber practices across the dimensions of people, process and technology.

A team is only as effective as its weakest link. That’s why we work with a variety of strong partners who can provide

the right technologies for your unique situation, budget, goals and governance requirements.


Vendor certifications include: Microsoft IoT Defender; Tenable.ot Certified Installer; ISA 62443 Certified Instructor; Palo Alto IoT Certified Installer; Armis Certified Installer; Nozomi Certified Installer


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