Insider Risk Management


An Essential Step in Mitigating Risk

Let’s Evolve Your Insider Risk Program


At its core, insider risk is centered around people, their behaviors, and what risks apply to your organization. Our holistic approach to mitigating those risks enables your organization to proactively identify anomalous behaviors, correlate them across physical and virtual contexts, and visualize those behaviors in valuable, action-oriented ways.

Get Ahead of Your Insider Risks


It’s time to shift from a siloed perspective and stop thinking, “Technology can solve this.” How?


Optiv helps you proactively mitigate insider incidents and identify risks to minimize damage to your organization. We’ll educate, prepare, and arm you to prevent, detect, respond, and recover to threats quickly and effectively. We help you from the development stages of a program through the continuous improvement of your mature program. 

Optiv’s insider risk management framework allows you to:


  • Govern your insider risk program
  • Protect your data, assets and people 
  • Detect anomalous or risky behavior
  • Respond to potential incidents and recover quickly and effectively


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Our insider risk management framework includes developing an intentional culture focusing on supporting your workforce through challenging personal and professional events. You’ll establish employee programs that illustrate workforce value, with an overall goal of reducing insider activity risk.

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The Optiv Team Has Been There, Done That


Our elite teams will help you build an insider risk management solution tailored to your unique environment.



Clients in 65+ countries, including 81% of the Fortune 100


Security technology projects delivered annually


Field staff dedicated to client success


Field staff dedicated to client success


Years is the average experience of Optiv’s Cyber Strategy and Transformation team


Cybersecurity experts in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, education, retail, aerospace, government, oil and gas

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Assess your organization’s insider threat readiness and see how you benchmark against your peers.

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Why Your Insider Risk Program Must Be Holistic


Join Optiv's James Turgal, a former FBI insider threat program builder, and Wendy Overton, Optiv's Director, Strategy & Transformation, in a conversation about proactively identifying and mitigating insider risk.

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