Cyber Strategy
and Roadmap


Industry-Tested Approach and Team for Your Security Journey

The Need to Be Cyber Aware and Cyber Secure


Optiv’s Cyber Strategy and Roadmap offering helps you establish a holistic cyber strategy program that aligns with your business needs and risks. We include stakeholders across your organization, ensure you can measure and reduce cyber risks and provide you with options you can act on.




Cyber is a Moving Target


The constant stream of news about high-profile breaches make one thing abundantly clear – there’s always a risk that your business could be compromised. Threat actors are constantly evolving advanced technologies and sophisticated techniques to breach enterprise networks. In a fast-paced cyber world with new compliance standards and increased customer expectations, planning for robust security safeguards to protect from potential attack or breach has never been more challenging.



Cyber is Everyone’s Business


The impact of cyber attacks on organizations has elevated cyber to a key topic of discussion at board meetings the world over. Executive members are keen to ensure applicable cyber risks are within the defined risk tolerance levels. Cyber security is the responsibility of everyone in your organization.



Identify What Matters the Most


To enable and understand existing cyber risks, one needs to first understand the critical assets (“crown jewels”) that need to be secured. It’s critical to protect your crown jewels by prioritizing the response and recovery plans to respond to potential breaches that may result in the loss of customer trust, financial loss and/or reputational loss (among other consequences).



Cyber as an Enabler


Cybersecurity has long been considered a cost function for business to achieve their core objectives. Providing cybersecurity as-a-service requires a more integrated approach, and organizations are starting to realize its value as a driver of business objectives.

The Steps to Strategic Cyber Success


Our Cyber Strategy and Roadmap offering delivers a customized methodology and approach taking into consideration your organization’s priority objectives. By completing the following three phases, we’ll know what you need and the efficient way to protect what matters.


Our Unique Differentiators


Optiv-designed accelerators have been industry-tested at several Fortune 50 and Fortune 100 clients. These accelerators help you transform your cyber strategy and hit the ground running to enable quick results.

Risk Appetite Framework


Our framework helps you understand the nature and level of risks you have based on your ability to control and reduce risk.

Threat Profiles


Threat profiles are industry and sector specific and summarize the latest potential threat scenarios and likelihood of threat actors launching a campaign against your organization. They also play an important role in anticipating and mitigating future attacks based on threat intelligence by identifying and monitoring crucial threat intelligence feeds.

Industry Benchmarks


We provide a comparative analysis of your organization’s cybersecurity budget, headcount, security capabilities and security governance structure against industry peers. This enables your organization to align with industry peers and strive for increased customer trust and potential growth.

A Business-Centric, Threat-Aware Cyber Program


By focusing on your organizational objectives and what you’re looking to get out of your cybersecurity program, we can give you actionable advice, so you’re ready – no matter what happens. In challenging times, reflect on how you are set up to succeed rather than what could have been done in the past. A robust cyber strategy that is aligned to your organization’s objectives and integrated across business areas enables the organization to achieve their goals and secure yourself from ever evolving cyber landscape.


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