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Security First Digital Transformation (DX)

Scale Digital Transformations With Security by Design

Cybersecurity for digital transformation is not a point product, but a strategy that’s aligned with relevant business drivers. As a result, there’s a delicate balance between introducing and adopting digital enablers to transform the information security organization and addressing potential risks as those digital enablers are introduced to drive business growth.


If you create a secure foundation for the future beyond tactics and tools, cybersecurity will enable business success.


But the complexity it introduces requires a new approach. So we enable our clients to:



Unlock technology


Get the most out of your security technology investments



Evolve workforce


Train your existing experts and/or augment their skills with new talent



Optimize operations


Improve communication and processes



Secure the future


Feel confident about your people, process and technology now, and with future growth in mind

What are Your Digital Transformation Challenges?

Achieving and maintaining
your organization's DX
means addressing:


  • Talent shortages
  • Technology proliferation
  • Risk and trust
  • Data explosion 
  • Compliance
  • Data and analytics
  • Advanced, persistent threats
  • Adaptable digital security management


As you navigate these challenges, you need a more proactive approach to security that embraces the mobile workforce and protects people, devices, applications and data no matter where they’re located.

Optiv DX Benefits


Partnering with Optiv on your digital transformation delivers a customized program for your unique environment, requirements and future plans. We’ll help you achieve:




Effective allocation


and management of your budgetary roadmap and cost efficiencies by automating processes and modernizing technology stack



of a strategic roadmap for secure cloud migration and operation

Risk management


through proper control of your organization’s structured and unstructured data and identities, and hardening the connected entry points to the data fabric

Avoidance of

regulatory fines


and quick response to audit requests and requirements

Maximizing the value


extracted from the data and securing big data at scale with AI/ML-enabled analytics



of the architecture’s security by orchestrating digital solutions

The Optiv Digital Transformation Team

Has Been There, Done That

Our elite teams will help you build a solution tailored to your unique environment.



Clients in 65+ countries, including 81% of the fortune 100


Security technology projects delivered annually


Field staff dedicated to client success


Technology consultants on staff


Years in the average experience of Optiv's Cyber Strategy and Transmission team


Cybersecurity experts in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, education, retail, aerospace, government, oil and gas

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