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Managed Detection and Response

Optiv MDR is an integrative detection and response platform backed by Optiv’s proprietary data and detection engineering, SOAR (security automation, orchestration and response) and lightning-fast log analysis designed around your unique security stack to achieve your specific business outcomes.


Optiv provides both the MDR technology and service—from data ingestion, processing, storage, detection and response actions to expert consulting and recommendations.

How Optiv MDR helps you achieve your business outcomes:

Extended Security
Optiv MDR acts as an extension of your team providing dedicated threat detection and response 24/7/365


Deep Expertise
Ensure your technology integrates seamlessly and performs optimally by partnering with Optiv’s team of experienced cross-vendor threat analysts

Vendor Inclusivity
Flexibly work with your preferred tech partners today and wherever your security program takes you tomorrow


Accelerated Modernization
Expedite your security maturity with AI-driven threat analytics and automation capabilities


Inside the Optiv SOC

The threat landscape is growing in scale and complexity. Talent gaps and confusing tool integrations can limit threat management efficacy and speed.

We’ve seen it all. Leave the complexity to Optiv.

Optiv MDR service will help you shift from a reactive to proactive defense strategy, increase risk awareness, shorten response times and remain resilient—all at a predictable cost structure.

Why MDR?


Managed detection and response (MDR) is an outsourced technology and service that handles the integration, deployment, optimization and management of solutions within your environment. Technologies that Optiv MDR can help manage include endpoint detection and response (EDR), identity threat detection and response (ITDR), threat monitoring, log management and more depending on the needs of your business. You don't have to manage these challenges alone. Leave it to Optiv to help you reduce complexity and modernize your security operation.
Limited Visibility:
Without consistent solution assessment and data integration, security teams overlook critical vulnerabilities
Solution Complexity:
Too many disparate, non-integrated point solutions within an environment makes it difficult to manage and demonstrate ROI for each tool
Lack of Automation:
Whether it’s due to uncertainty around AI adoption or a hesitancy to adopt new capabilities, the absence of automation leads to crucial threat detection and response process inefficiencies

How Optiv Does MDR


Our MDR service is designed to bring you peace of mind with our threat-informed defense strategy fit to your unique business goals. To achieve this, we offer:
Threat Monitoring, Investigation and Response
Continuous threat monitoring with the option to leverage SOAR, AI and ML capabilities for rapid detection and response
Log Management
Log source configuration and optional data ingestion layer management to drive high-fidelity, cost-effective data integration
Content Management
Installation and optimization of detection rules, SOAR playbooks and Optiv’s Global Threat Intelligence Center (gTIC) intel feeds
Vendor Flexibility
Easily work with and add security technologies to your environment from industry-leading vendors across Optiv’s extensive network of over 450 partners, complimented with veteran-led advisory, implementation and management support
Continuous Visibility
24/7/365 visibility into cloud, on-prem and hybrid environments through a user-friendly client portal with powerful on-demand search, query and analysis of your log data
Threat Hunting
Identify activity undetected by security tools in the client environment, with the option for proactive threat hunting
Optional Technical Account Management (TAM)
A named TAM who will perform assessments and reviews of the client environment and provide recommendations to improve the client's security posture

Optiv’s MDR Capabilities

Data Storage
12 months of hot storage available to access on demand
Data Integration
Enhance visibility and reporting with integrations across your tool stack
Built-in AI capabilities to enhance log search and recommend next steps for identified threats
Response and Automation Actions
EDR, identity, network and collaboration capability as well as 10 use cases with matching SOAR playbooks
Active Defense
40 hours per year of active defense services to develop and execute remediation actions in the event of an active attack
Threat Hunting
Automated threat hunting included in core offering with custom manual options available
Client Success Manager
Available for each client
Optiv Data Engineering
Optiv data source management and engineering expertise normalizes, enriches and optimizes log data

Leave It to the Experts


Extend your security team with confidence. No security challenge is too complex for Optiv’s team of 1,000+ highly skilled client managers and security practitioners. These are the numbers that help clients rest easy:


On-demand operational support


Security incidents managed annually


Global Security Operations Centers


Security events processed per year


Partners across all major industries

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