Manage Cyber Risk to Maximize Effectiveness


Optimize your cybersecurity tech stack, resources and investments

Optimize Your Tool Stack

As organizations adapt to evolving cyber threats, the number of security technologies used by in-house teams expands over time. The average mid-enterprise organization uses anywhere between 70-90 technologies. While most of these tools were bought out of necessity and addressed a need, over time they simultaneously added costs, impacted efficiency and made it harder to know if gaps in security remain. Is it time to see what tools are working and which aren’t?



Minimize Risk, Maximize Effectiveness


The same problems we’ve heard about for years have only intensified. Advanced cybersecurity skills and expertise are scarce, threats go undetected and technology sprawl is a constant for modern enterprises. Regardless of if your organization is just beginning its security journey or you’re eager to level up your security program maturity, Optiv offers a multitude of services and technologies to lighten the load on your in-house security professionals. Whether it’s expert-driven guidance through our industry-recognized Managed Security Services or promoting better cyber hygiene and improved technologies to your internal teams, Optiv is here to help your organization reduce risk and improve your overall security posture.

Increase Your Security ROI


Improving visibility into your security program tech gaps and responding to these insights increases ROI, eliminates redundancies and informs better long-term decisions. Our experts use a comprehensive view of your security tools and years of experience to optimize your cybersecurity tech stack, resources and investments. See how Optiv can help you manage cyber risk to maximize effectiveness.

Manage cyber risk with an outcome-based approach to accelerate business progress.