Data Architecture Transformation


Increase Your Data Value, Visibility and Analytical Capabilities.

Secure Data Architecture With a Methodology That is Resilient, Sustainable and Extensible

Protecting data is a simple and direct mission, but accomplishing it is anything but. Cybersecurity teams must wade through a tangle of concerns, ranging from cost and number of systems being monitored to overly complex environments. Situational awareness is difficult under these circumstances.


Optiv’s Data Fabric for Security and Business (DFSB) is a framework for increasing the value of your data, one that embraces simplicity in complex environments.


1. Blueprint Design


  • Current state analysis
  • Future state analysis
  • Iterative solutioning
  • Digital roadmap design


Value-centric project plan

2. Build & Deploy


  • Platform deployment
  • Solution comissioning
  • Data Ingestion/migration
  • Pilot and refine


Security-focused technology deployment

3. Run & Operate


  • End user training
  • Managed security model
  • Managed platform support
  • Enhancement processes


Workforce-driven support model

What Does Data Architecture Transformation Look Like?


The Optiv framework provides:


  • Full attack surface visibility
  • Integrated detection and automated response options
  • Increased analytical capabilities to enable enterprise security and observability for value-focused 
  • Programmatic, product-agnostic approach to increase the value of the data you have today
  • Integrated tech bundle paired with service enablement to deploy, configure and run a resilient data management solution
  • Establish a secure, sustainable data framework and governance model that can be leveraged across the organization


The Optiv Process



Tool Rationalization


Reduce duplicative technologies






Leverage best of breed technologies and eliminate redundancies





Break down silos between data sources, search/hunt capabilities and data analysis tools






Reduce the burden on your security staff



Data Science and

Machine Learning


Utilize security data analysis to inform business decisions

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