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Data Privacy: Compliance and Beyond


In today’s digital world, consumer and proprietary corporate information are valuable business assets. As the regulatory landscape continues to escalate with new data privacy compliance mandates imminent, regulatory readiness will prove challenging.


But the urgency of data privacy extends beyond compliance.


The accountability and transparency of how an organization collects, shares, and uses sensitive information are top-of-mind requirements for leading companies who recognize both the need – and the potential – for building trust and improving the customer experience through personalization and user-centric policies. Data privacy first mindsets are driving new opportunities to differentiate.

Did you know?


Jurisdictions around the world have enacted or proposed post-modern privacy and data protection laws.*


*Gartner Predicts for the Future of Privacy 2020


The percentage of the world’s population by 2023 that will have its personal data covered under modern privacy regulations, up from 10% in 2020.*


The number of organizations by year-end 2022 that will have appointed a privacy officer or data protection officer (add to the ½ million added in 2019).*

What is Data Privacy?


Data privacy (aka information privacy or data protection in the European Union (EU)) involves the best practices employed for the proper handling of sensitive data including personally identifiable information (PII), specific confidential financial data, medical data, and intellectual property data. This is done to meet regulatory requirements, restrict access to the data by third parties and protect the overall confidentiality and immutability of the data.

Rely on Optiv for Your Data Privacy

Whether your goal is to develop a data privacy program; prepare for end-scope regulations; or to manage consumer data privacy and customer consent, preferences and experience, Optiv has the data privacy offerings you need to get you there. Our end-to-end offerings are delivered by experts in cybersecurity and data privacy who apply a combination of high-level advisory with the required execution and technical skills to assess your data privacy needs, create data inventories, flows and maps – and build a fit-for-purpose privacy program that maintains compliance and enables you to leverage your data responsibly and safely.


No matter what your need set, you’ll find guidance and solutions with Optiv.

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Establish a Supporting Data Privacy Structure


One of the three dimensions of the Optiv data practice, our data privacy offerings establish an effective basis for ensuring your regulatory readiness. Our adherence to privacy-by-design principles ensures a user-centric approach to the collection, sharing and use of sensitive data throughout its life cycle. Ongoing oversight ensures that data access, safeguards and compliance continue to be aligned with rapidly changing privacy requirements.


Optiv data privacy offerings assist you in developing and implementing the policies that govern the rights, permissions, and compliance of the sensitive data in your care:



Consent Preference Management Icon


Consent and Preference Management

Allow consumers to control their information – from collection consent through data deletion – in order to build trust, drive personalization, and support compliance. 

Regulatory Readiness Icon


Regulatory Readiness 

Prepare and streamline data privacy policies to comply more broadly with the ever-growing set of global privacy regulations. 

Privacy by Design Icon


Privacy by Design 

Develop a strategy and playbook that incorporates privacy controls and impact assessments throughout the data life cycle for new and changing data-use initiatives.

Data Transfer Icon


Data Transfers

Establish privacy requirements that mitigate risks associated with internal and external access to and sharing of the organization’s information assets.

Individual Rights Processing Icon


Individual Rights Processing

Enable the fast and effective processing of consent and data subject requests, such as data access, deletion, and portability.

Meet Your Data Privacy Team


Our practice experts combine deep data privacy experience, best practices, and a strong knowledge of business to create custom solutions that meet your unique data privacy needs. From strategy to implementation, our team will ensure that your privacy program checks all of the boxes for success.

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Best-Fit Technology Solutions


Each of our clients has different needs, especially when it comes to technology. Our vendor-agnostic recommendations ensure a “best-fit” for your specific data privacy solution.


Learn more about our technology partners for data privacy

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