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Optiv’s Customized Cyber Recovery Solution Helps Keep Your Data Safe and Recoverable

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If a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, the same maxim applies to your security system. Spotlighting the exploitable weaknesses present in your environment is a crucial component to keeping your security dynamic and adapting to threats. It’s a necessity that touches all aspects of your organization and requires an awareness of an evolving list of weaknesses, because you never know where or when a breach will happen. 


Optiv’s remediation service guides you through minimizing exploitable security weaknesses by providing risk-based remediation assistance and data-driven metrics that tie into the overall security program. We take an adversarial perspective and a methodological approach to planning, advising, and executing remediation of vulnerabilities within your unique environment.

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Remediation Details


Sometimes you need just a little help with remediation, at other times you’re feeling overrun and don’t even know where to start. Optiv brings a suite of services to the table for every situation, because vulnerabilities can come from anywhere:



Post-Assessment Remediation


  • Advise
  • Prioritization
  • Oversight
  • Education


Explore Post-Assessment Remediation



  • Initial workshop
  • Remediation plan
  • Recommendations (point-in-time)
  • Vulnerability prioritization (point-in-time)
  • Education on VM and remediation best practices and remediation best practices



Everything included in VMAP and

  • Regular updates to remediation plan
  • Recommendations/advise (on-going)
  • Vulnerability prioritization and tracking
  • Vulnerability management program advice
  • Data analytics and KPIs



Everything included with VRAS support plan, plus

  • Hands-on technical support
  • Customizable, holistic solution
  • Staffing uplift to accelerate work
  • Extension to client team
  • Subject matter expertise

Post-Incident Remediation


  • Customizable, holistic solution
  • Staffing uplift to accelerate work
  • Extension to client team
  • Subject matter expertise

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