Threat & Vulnerability Remediation


Find and fix vulnerabilities before they threaten your success.

Prioritizing Vulnerability Remediation: Knowledge is Power

If a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, the same maxim applies to your security system. Spotlighting the exploitable weaknesses present in your environment is a crucial component to keeping your security dynamic and adapting to threats. It’s a necessity that touches all aspects of your organization and requires an awareness of an evolving list of weaknesses, because you never know where or when a breach will happen. 


Optiv’s Vulnerability Remediation services guide you through minimizing exploitable security weaknesses by providing risk-based remediation assistance and data-driven metrics that tie into the overall security program. We take an adversarial perspective and a methodological approach to planning, advising and executing remediation of vulnerabilities within your unique environment.

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What is Vulnerability Remediation?


Simply put, vulnerability remediation refers to repairing detected weaknesses in an organization’s infrastructure. The process may be as easy as patching software (which is often automated) or as complicated as a major rip-and-replace on a server farm.


Remember: every technical solution has vulnerabilities – or should be assumed to. Some represent an acceptable risk but many don’t. Some appliances – like printers – are low-risk, but others – like your laptop – are high-risk and timely remediation is essential. 


Remediation Use Cases:




(to help with assessment findings)




(to recover and restore operations)




(as part of vulnerability management)

Remediation Details


Sometimes you need just a little help with remediation, at other times you’re feeling overrun and don’t even know where to start. Optiv brings a suite of services to the table for every situation, because vulnerabilities can come from anywhere:


Post-Assessment Remediation


  • Advise
  • Prioritization
  • Oversight
  • Education


Explore Post-Assessment Remediation



  • Initial workshop
  • Vulnerability remediation plan
  • Recommendations (point-in-time)
  • Vulnerability prioritization (point-in-time)
  • Education on VM and remediation best practices and remediation best practices



Everything included in VMAP and

  • Regular updates to remediation plan
  • Recommendations/advise (on-going)
  • Vulnerability prioritization and tracking
  • Vulnerability management program advice
  • Data analytics and KPIs



Everything included with VRAS support plan, plus

  • Hands-on technical support
  • Customizable, holistic solution
  • Staffing uplift to accelerate work
  • Extension to client team
  • Subject matter expertise


Post-Incident Remediation


  • Customizable, holistic solution
  • Staffing uplift to accelerate work
  • Extension to client team
  • Subject matter expertise

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