Technology Vendor Validation Process


Your Security Technology Should Fit Like a Glove

Leverage Our Experts for Solution and Vendor Validation


True to its name, Optiv’s Objective Technology Analysis & Validation (OTAV) service doesn’t play favorites. Our partner-neutral approach helps you select the best-in-class security technology that’s best for you. 



Our Solution and Vendor Validation Process


We start by analyzing your business requirements, priorities and use cases. Your unique insights let us apply our broad industry expertise to actively compare the most apt technology solutions and validate their claims.




Creating an analysis scorecard




Developing a functional test plan




Testing vendor solutions




Providing documented results and recommendations


Welcome to our technology bake-off, where you’ll: 


  • Compare, test and validate each product under consideration
  • Identify product functionality gaps and risks
  • Avoid ill-suited solutions and buyer’s remorse
  • Make the smartest security technology choices
  • Determine the best next steps for your technology journey



Take Your Technology Journey A Step Further


As far as technology services go, OTAV is just the beginning. We offer a broad range of services to help you get the most out of your security technology investments.

Security Technology Rationalization

Our assessment identifies redundancies and program gaps, helping to improve your security coverage and effectiveness and providing a complete picture of your technical security control environment.


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Delivering Best-in-Class Technology Together


We work with a legion of world-class security partners. And because our broad industry relationships represent the entire spectrum of security technologies, we’re equipped to build out solutions that are truly custom fit to your organization’s one-of-a-kind requirements.


Explore Partners


Let Our Experts Help


When it comes to playing technology matchmaker, our team has been around the block a few times. And when it comes to your organization, finding a perfect fit is our number-one priority. 


Diverse, hands-on


Deep expertise across the entire security stack

An objective approach to testing, result collecting and reporting

A matured method for a thorough and efficient validation process

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