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Evaluate and Optimize Your Existing Cybersecurity Tool Stack

The amount of security tools an organization has is staggering and ever-growing and it’s this tool expansion that is causing decreased visibility into security control gaps, redundant tools and capabilities and increasing your costs. Now is the time to maximize the value out of your security tools.


Optiv’s Security Technology Rationalization service helps pinpoints gaps in coverage or compliance, as well as identify tool capability redundancies. We locate integration opportunities to connect your tools where current disconnections may exist and help you reduce cost over time by knowing what tools are working and what is no longer needed. With Optiv’s Security Technology Rationalization, identify redundancies and program gaps to improve coverage, raise security hygiene and lower costs and improve ROI over time.


Evaluate your security controls over eight security domains, 23 subcategories and 130+ security controls.

Increase Visibility

See a complete view of your security technology, how it is being used against security controls or industry frameworks and guidance to close any gaps found.


Identify Redundancies and Integrations

See where you have overspent and can eliminate unnecessary tools and capabilities. Reduce the manual efforts for your security team by finding where tools can integrate and provide a clearer picture of threats.


Save Money Over Time

Create a roadmap that eliminates extra tool expenses all while raising security hygiene. Make sure your next move is cost effective and reduces your risk.


Jumpstart Your Security Technology Rationalization Program


Optiv’s Starter Kit for Security Technology Rationalization includes seven actionable steps to begin optimizing your security tech stack.


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Security Technology Rationalization Analysis Process

Technology Inventory: Work with Optiv SMEs via interviews and documentation review to gather discovery data on your current suite of tools across eight security domains, 23 subcategories and 130+ security controls.


Analyze data: Evaluate how your tools are being used, how well they meet your needs and how much coverage they provide across a spectrum of levels.


Visualization: Receive a Controls map that visually identifies gaps, redundant tools and areas of opportunities through unused capabilities, integrations or even tool retirement.


Deliver opportunities and actions: Get a written report that provides an executive overview of the findings and recommendations.


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See a visual representation of tool coverage against the security control to quickly identify areas of opportunities and improvement

Use Cases and Case Studies

Report Insights - See Inside

Your Rationalization Report

Turn insights into actions with a thorough, individualized report outlining your options for next steps and expert guidance. Flip through to see information delivered by Optiv security technology experts.


A detailed report containing:


  • Executive summary of opportunities for improvement
  • Highlights of key findings
  • Mapping results and recommendations for industry frameworks like CIS CSC®/NIST CSF®/MITRE ATT&CK® (if included)
  • Recommendation summaries organized by deficiency, redundancy and potential integrations
  • Tech Roadmaps and Strategy Analysis (if included)
  • Impact Analysis Estimation (if included)


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Value of a Technology Rationalization Analysis

Improved visibility into InfoSec program technology gaps


Functional and operational improvements for existing technology controls


Maximize investment in security technology

Rapidly remediate information risks


Slash security tech controls time to value


Eliminate maturation inhibitors


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