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Get a Comprehensive Picture of Your Security Controls

Take Stock of Your Technology

Whether it’s navigating the threat landscape, handling vulnerabilities or staying compliant, there’s a technology solution for everything cybersecurity these days. You may have even accumulated a nice little tech collection at this point. But when’s the last time you stepped back and took inventory?


Do you know what’s working in your environment? How about what isn’t (and…are you just throwing money at the problem)? These questions become even harder to answer as the digital transformation (DX) wave re-renders our world and multiplies the cyber threats within it. 


Let our experts simplify matters. We’ll help you trim unnecessary technologies and identify program gaps so that you can maximize your coverage, effectiveness and peace of mind.

Identify Security Tool Redundancies and Gaps

It’s time to restore clarity.


Optiv’s Security Technology Rationalization assessment brings your environment into focus by identifying and evaluating your information security technology. Our in-depth approach helps detect your existing technology redundancies and gaps and provides expert, business-aligned recommendations to improve coverage and effectiveness.


Assessment Levels and Methodology

Five progressively increasing and in-depth objectives



Security Technology Rationalization With Optiv:

What’s In It for You?

Now for the cherry on top. 


Optiv’s Security Technology Rationalization assessment

allows you to:


  • Improve your visibility into InfoSec program gaps
  • Enhance business enablement
  • Rapidly remediate information risks
  • Cut time to value for your security tech controls
  • Eliminate your maturation inhibitors


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We Can Help With Your Cyber Technology Because We’ve Got a Knack for Cyber Solutions


Here are just a few factors that set us apart:


We’re Certified 
AWS - Professional, CISM, CISA, CISSP, CCE, CFE, ITPM, CFE, CEECS, CCSP, GIAC, CCSK, Google Cloud Professional, MCSE, Databricks, Elastic, NERC CIP, IEC 62443, GICSP and more


We’re Thought Leaders 
Speaking engagements at leading industry conferences including Black Hat, RSA Conference, Microsoft Ignite, AWS: ReInvent and Spark Summit

We’re Experienced 
Optiv’s services team averages 16 years of experience


We’ve Got Tech Expertise  
Identity and Access Management, Security Operations, Cloud and Virtual Security, Risk and Privacy Management, Threat Management, Infrastructure and Data Security, plus emerging technologies such as Data Analytics, DevSecOps, Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud, Orchestration and Automation, Robotic Process Automation

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Reduce Complexity to Bolster Your Cybersecurity


Nearly 70% of security leaders see consolidating vendors as a way to improve security.


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Architecture and Engineering: Technology Services


Optiv's Technology Services help clients manage, maintain and monitor their technology investments in real time.


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Technology Management


Our Technology Management Service removes routine maintenance burdens so you can focus on strategic responsibilities.


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