Threat Intelligence Services


The Bad Guys Love When You Go It Alone

Why Do Cyberattackers Succeed?


Hackers cooperate. They share information and develop collaborative tools and platforms, while organizations often try to go it alone (in the midst of an epic talent shortage).


They’re persistent, and blue teams often lack the automation needed to repel 100% of the attacks.


They’re smart and innovative. Their TTPs evolve, but few organizations have access to the sort of up-to-the-second global intel needed to effectively anticipate, detect, prevent and respond.


Here’s how we can help you flip the script.


What Is Threat Intelligence?


Threat intelligence is the collective body of knowledge organizations use to understand the cyber threats they face. This knowledge set includes:


  • All known evidence on threat actors worldwide (nation-states, criminals, hacktivists, etc.), including their motivations, goals and political-economic contexts
  • The tactics, techniques and procedures they use
  • Public and private analyses regarding these entities and the evolving landscape


Threat intelligence also incorporates the various organizations and agencies charged with tracking and reporting on evolving threats, their processes and information-sharing practices.

Digital Risk Protection Management – A Tailored Threat Intelligence Process


For way too many orgs, cyber defense is like hunkering down behind the barricades. You know they’re coming. You just don’t know when, where or how. Also, you don’t know who “they” are.


What you need is a crack team of cyber rangers operating out beyond the perimeter, threat hunting behind enemy lines, intercepting intel and curating information on the clear, deep and dark webs and understanding your digital footprint the way the black hats do.


You may not currently have the ability to do all this. Resources are tight. Talent is scarce (and eye-wateringly expensive). Security may not be a core competency. Or maybe it just makes better business sense to partner on some security functions. If you get breached, though, there’s a steep price to be paid in direct financial impact and potentially brand reputation.


An efficient, tailored threat intelligence process. Actionable information. Talent and resources. Optiv DRPM turns those barricades into high, fortified walls.


How Do We Do It?




A security-first perspective with a holistic approach to infrastructure and programs that improve overall security posture.






Methodologies that include program-level root-cause analysis and remediation guidance, going beyond the compliance check-box.





A tailored, adaptive threat management program built to fit your business and industry needs. 

ThreatDNA® And ThreatBEAT®: Threat Intelligence Solutions You Can Act On


Data ≠ intelligence. More data is good … if you can analyze it. Otherwise, it’s just noise.





Optiv ThreatDNA is certainly “more data,” but it’s highly refined, focused data. A dedicated data lake collects, maintains and manages years of threat data, enabling nuanced, detailed longitudinal analysis of threats and infrastructure mapped vs. specific threat actors.

ThreatDNA also embeds:


  • A dedicated RedNet network for detonation, analysis and monitoring of hostile threats

  • A proprietary risk rating solution

  • CyberSTRAND training

  • Predictive indicators of compromise (IOCs)

  • ThreatBEAT service



A real-time, threat-focused visibility and analytics engine, Optiv ThreatBEAT maintains and monitors trends and analytics related to threats in your environment. Expert-driven malware and countermeasure analysis across verticals drives threat identification and informs appropriate security responses, prioritization and follow-on measures.


ThreatBEAT provides you with:


  • Real-time naming, analytics and reporting of identified threats

  • Correlation of threats by sector, geolocation, threat type, date/time, CVE vulnerability exploitation and attribution to specific computer viruses and adversaries

  • Telemetry within the ThreatDNA platform (hacking, intrusion, viruses)




Real-time intelligence is integrated into Optiv services to provide immediate threat identification and visibility, threat risk, correlation and telemetry, and actionability for more efficient and effective threat research and response. Stay on top of, and ahead of attacks, by leveraging granular intelligence.



As a GDPR Compliant service only un-identifiable indicators of compromised (IOCs) are shared within the Optiv ThreatDNA platform.



ThreatBEAT provides analytics and reporting for your specific threats with correlation by sector, geolocation, threat type, date and time and more.

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