Risk Automation and Reporting


Optiv’s Risk Automation and Reporting Keeps Your Focus On What Matters Most

Risk Automation: Define, Assign, Track and Resolve Audit and Compliance Issues


There are plenty of more productive ways for our clients to spend their time than auditing, compliance testing and measuring successes. These are time-consuming pursuits that can cost more effort than they’re worth. Optiv’s Risk Automation program makes it easy to repeatedly define, assign, track and resolve audit and compliance issues to achieve IT and cyber risk reduction.


Our specialists make expert use of best-in-class governance, risk management and compliance management platforms to automate and monitor risk mitigation – all with your specific requirements top of mind. The automated approach means you can consistently track key risk indicators (KRI) in real time by integrating security and IT technologies that detect changes as they arise to ensure security and compliance requirements are met.


Consistently track key risk indicators (KRI) in real time by integrating security and IT technologies.

Direct Your Efforts to Risk Management 

Improve the success rate of your information security program by automating your auditing and compliance management processes. Leveraging our services across patching, updates, workflow management and implementation, alerting and notification, API integration, custom reporting and more allows you to focus your resources on risk management.


Here’s how Optiv does it:

Focused Program Analysis Icon


Focused Program Analysis 

  • Risk program review
  • Compliance analysis
  • ERM tool review 
System Design Icon


System Design 

  • Product selection
  • Implementation type
  • Business case design 


Transformation execution icon


Transformation Execution

  • Actionable implementation roadmap
  • Based on compliance and business needs
  • Automates risk management efforts 
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  • System build
  • Workflow creation and implementation
  • Onboarding and product release 
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Managed Services 

  • Third-party risk
  • Vendor management
  • Vulnerability management
  • Open-FAIR methodology 
  • Real-time risk monitoring
  • Maintenance and reporting


continuous improvement icon


Continuous Improvement

  • Future-focused
  • Clear steps for program enhancements
  •       and system management

Part of the Risk Management Process

Using key performance indicators (KPIs) and KRIs provides the ability to manage, monitor and improve capabilities within your security program and seamlessly communicate with leadership and business stakeholders. It’s all part of the risk management process.

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