Endpoint Security


Shrink Your Attack Surface by Hardening Your Endpoints


PCs, tablets, mobile phones, IoT devices – they’re all endpoints, and their numbers are growing. 

Some of the endpoints on your enterprise network are corporate, but roughly two-thirds of employees use personal devices at work. Not only is every endpoint a target for hackers, each one is also susceptible to unintentional information sharing and user error.


That’s where Optiv can help. Our experts leverage their decades of experience to find the optimal blend of services and technology to harden your endpoints.



Roughly two-thirds of employees use personal devices at work.

Endpoint Services

Endpoint security is a constant challenge. Let Optiv take some of the load with our endpoint services.

Endpoint Security Assessments

Don’t know where to start, or just want to know if you’re on the right track? Our endpoint assessments are designed to bring clarity. We work with key stakeholders in your organization to understand technology requirements and business drivers so we can provide thorough, objective advice that’s focused on your enterprise. 


Download Threat Management: Endpoint Security Assessment

The Optiv Advantage

Let us take care of security so you can focus on your business.

Increased Confidence in Security Controls

Know for a fact which controls are functioning as promised and expected.

Prioritized Hardening Strategy

Not all hardening activities are created equal. Optimize your use of time and resources by prioritizing the ones that matter most.

Improved Security Through Proactive Planning

Leverage our objective, fact-based reporting to fully understand and prepare for “what if” scenarios.

Enhanced Defensive Resiliency

Bounce back from an attack stronger than before and quicker than ever.

First-Class Attack Instrumentation

Our attack and pen experts leverage AttackIQ and other industry-leading tools to rapidly validate your defensive controls against the MITRE ATT&CK framework.