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Minimize Exploitable Security Weaknesses Across Your Operations

Minimize Exploitable Security Weaknesses Across Your Operating Environment

New vulnerabilities in your IT ecosystem arise every day. But not all vulnerabilities are created equal. Most exploited vulnerabilities are already known by security and IT professionals at the time of the incident.


Most companies adopt a reactive posture, attempting to stamp out vulnerabilities as soon as they’re discovered. But this “Whack-A-Mole” approach just leaves your security teams overworked, frustrated and perpetually behind. Instead of trying to patch everything, you need to focus on those vulnerabilities that present the greatest risk to your organization.


That means analyzing and prioritizing those vulnerabilities based on risk-based remediation and data-driven metrics tied to your business objectives to minimize unnecessary patching and downtime.




Not all vulnerabilities 

are created equal

Vulnerability Management Service Method


Optiv Vulnerability Management Services are designed to ensure your mitigation processes constantly improve. Here is a breakdown of the Optiv methodology.

Why Clients Choose Optiv




Deep understanding of Vulnerability Management process used in the corporate world.





Experts in network security, application security, adversarial emulation and security operations.


Extensive Industry



Drawing from over 1000+ years of combined team experience, we have the knowledge and skillsets to ensure success.





Optiv’s passion for security and our commitment to quality results means we focus on the right solutions to meet your specific needs.





We employ an adversarial perspective, proprietary risk rating for prioritized vulnerabilities and asset criticality as well as integrating standards across multiple security frameworks.


Additional Information About Optiv’s Vulnerability Management Services


At Optiv, we understand the challenges your organization’s security operations face—and we’ll work with you to improve your security posture and mitigate risks.




Vulnerability Management Program: Reducing Risk and Protecting Businesses


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Accelerating Vulnerability Remediation


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Eliminate Exploitable Vulnerabilities Without Slowing Down Your Business


Contact us and together we’ll design and implement a program that reduces your organization’s risk by evaluating exploitable vulnerabilities while simultaneously supporting the availability and integrity of your critical business operations and data.