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Application Security Technology

Web, email and mobile applications are under attack. You need to advance your defenses beyond network and endpoint protection to encompass your applications and their data, without compromising application performance and availability. 


With time-to-market of the essence, your developers are focused on speed-to-delivery for new features, functions and applications. But developers are often not trained in fixing vulnerabilities, nor do they have the skills to code securely. And yes, the use of third-party code speeds up development time, but it also adds risk because many have unpatched known vulnerabilities.


Meanwhile, your security teams are focused on running scans and ensuring infrastructure is up-to-date; lack of resources means they cannot support developers to fix the vulnerabilities found through scanning. Too often, security teams dictate rather than partner with development teams and have unrealistic expectations based on development’s level of security knowledge. This can create a toxic relationship between security and development.


Further, there’s the mountain of technology debt consisting of not-yet-patched vulnerabilities that leave your organization open to a breach through web applications.


Together with leading application security technology partners, Optiv can help you meet these challenges by reviewing application policy, procedures, and architecture design, to identify and remediate immediate vulnerabilities.

Optiv AppSec Technology Experts + Best-of-Breed Partners


Optiv’s team of experts can help your organization programmatically reduce the risks around your software assets and development practices by choosing and deploying the right technologies tailored to your requirements. Improve application security and data protection with a review and gap analysis of your current conditions.


All Optiv AppSec services help reduce security risks around your software development environment and lifecycle processes. With an experienced team of specialists skilled in performing manual code reviews along with automated testing methods, we can help you design and build a mature application security program that integrates with your specific development lifecycle.

AppSec Technology Includes:


  • Tool Implementation (SAST/DAST/SCA)
  • Tool Tuning/Health Checks
  • Tool Integration/Automation
  • Software Assurance as-a-Service


Let Optiv’s experts guide your AppSec program to the next level of security.  Learn more here

With security assessments for web, mobile, desktop, server and connected-device applications, as well as security testing for application APIs, we help your organization programmatically reduce the risks around your development environment and third-party applications. Our other AppSec Services Include:


Our Application Security Technology Partnerships


We’ve partnered with leading application security partners to create a team ready to help advise, deploy and operate the technologies that best meet your requirements. Partners Include: Veracode, Microfocus, Checkmarx, Snyk, Sonotype, Netsparker, Rapid7 and IBM.


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Optiv AppSec Technology Experts


Highly technical, dedicated, boutique-style Application Security consulting team.


We’re a team of seasoned practitioners passionate about producing measurable business outcomes for our clients. We specialize in all organization sizes, industry verticals and identity maturity levels. Our deep expertise consists of these talent levels and industry accolades:




Consultants, over 600 years combined

programming and AppSec experience



We provide AppSec services to seven of the

Fortune 10



Optiv tests more than 1,000 applications every year and have exploited hundreds of high-risk vulnerabilities before they become incidents.

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