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Application Security Technology

Application scanning technology has evolved significantly over the past few years. Automated tools now offer more sophisticated and comprehensive scans, employing advanced techniques such as machine learning and behavioral analysis to detect vulnerabilities. With the rise of cloud-native applications and DevSecOps practices, these tools can seamlessly integrate into the development lifecycle, providing real-time feedback to developers. 


The importance of routinely scanning with these tools lies in safeguarding sensitive data and intellectual property, as cyber threats continue to exploit vulnerabilities in software. Organizations prioritize these technologies to identify and remediate security flaws early in the development process, reducing the risk of data breaches, ensuring regulatory compliance, and bolstering overall cybersecurity posture.


Modern enterprises integrate application security (AppSec) scanners for several crucial reasons. These tools help identify and mitigate vulnerabilities within software applications, reducing the risk of cyber attacks and data breaches. With the evolving threat landscape, many organizations recognize the need for proactive measures to secure their precious digital assets. AppSec scanners also play a pivotal role in compliance with industry regulations and standards, ensuring that software meets the necessary security requirements. Lastly, as businesses increasingly adopt agile development methodologies and DevSecOps practices, integrating security into the software development lifecycle (SDLC) becomes imperative. 


An improper implementation of AppSec tools can have severe consequences for your business. It may lead to the oversight of critical vulnerabilities, leaving the organization exposed to potential cyber threats. False positives or negatives can erode the credibility of the security infrastructure, leading to a lack of confidence in the overall security posture. This can hinder the agility of your business, especially in environments where rapid software deployment is essential. Additionally, an ineffective implementation might result in the misallocation of resources, leading to wasted time and effort on addressing non-existent or irrelevant security issues.


Ultimately, the right tools, when properly implemented, enhance your business's resilience against cyber threats, streamline development processes, and safeguard its reputation. With Optiv’s leading AppSec partners and veteran AppSec experts, we help your business choose, implement, and tune your tools to meet your respective AppSec goals.

Optiv AppSec Technology Experts + Best-of-Breed Partners


Optiv’s team of experts can help implement security technologies that enable your organization to programmatically reduce the risks around developing and deploying custom software. We begin by gaining an understanding of your development ecosystem, platforms and practices, then help you choose and implement the technologies tailored to your requirements. We can also help improve your application security posture with a review and gap analysis of your current conditions.
Optiv AppSec services help reduce security risks within your deployed custom applications and software development lifecycle. With an experienced team of specialists skilled in implementing automated testing methods and technologies, we can help you design and build a mature application security program that is efficient and effective.

AppSec Technology Includes:


  • Tool Implementation and Integration (SAST/DAST/SCA)
  • Tool Optimization and Tuning
  • DevSecOps Services
  • Software Assurance as-a-Service (managed program)


Let Optiv’s experts guide your AppSec program to the next level of security.  Learn more here

With security assessments for web, mobile, desktop, server and connected-device applications, as well as security testing for application APIs, we help your organization programmatically reduce the risks around your applications developed in-house and third-party applications. Our other AppSec Services Include:

Our Application Security Technology Partnerships


We’ve partnered with leading application security partners to create a team ready to help advise, deploy and operate the technologies that best meet your requirements. Partners Include: Veracode, OpenText, Checkmarx, Snyk, Sonatype, and Invicti.


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Optiv AppSec Technology Experts


Highly technical, dedicated, boutique-style Application Security consulting team.


We’re a team of seasoned practitioners passionate about producing measurable business outcomes for our clients. We specialize in all organization sizes, industry verticals and identity maturity levels. Our deep expertise consists of these talent levels and industry accolades:




Consultants, over 500 years combined

programming and AppSec experience



We provide AppSec services to seven of the

Fortune 10



Optiv tests more than 1,000 applications every year and have exploited hundreds of high-risk vulnerabilities before they become incidents.

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