How Optiv and a National Sports Retailer Teamed Up for Managed Security Services



The Situation: Meet PCI compliance requirements and manage risk 24/7


A leading multi-brand national retailer with 60+ years specializing in apparel and sporting goods needed to maintain evolving security demands while expanding in over 1,000 store locations. Tasked with meeting PCI (payment card industry) compliance requirements around privacy and data loss for a new secure payment program, this was just the tip of the iceberg when handling sensitive data and mitigating risk.
The client’s security team lacked both the resources and expertise to transition from a reactive to a proactive approach. With an increased likelihood of data breaches and compliance requirements going unmet, the retailer faced a loss of productivity, visibility and additional security risks. Committed to building a holistic cybersecurity program, once new technologies were in place and point of sale (POS) data was encrypted, they would need to optimize their program for risk management 24/7/365.

The Solution: Transition from reactive to proactive through managed security services (MSS)


To start building the foundation for an effective security program, our security executive service directors first collaborated with the retailer’s security team to inventory existing solutions while assessing potential risks and coverage. Our client solutions architects then demonstrated the core capabilities of a security solutions integrator (SSI) with a customized report – which included top recommendations for action in alignment with their retail compliance requirements while optimizing their security program to align with business drivers.
Becoming a true extension of our client’s security team, Optiv managed security services (MSS) implemented critical 24/7/365 remote access to all essential expertise and infrastructure. Our client now has a long-term roadmap that helps reduce risk and maximize efficiency.

Industry Served: Retail

Our Starting Point

  • Limited staff and expertise
  • Proactively identify and respond to potential threats
  • Protect an increasing amount of data and maintaining compliance
  • Build a secure foundation for an effective security program

Accelerating Forward

  • CyberArk implementation to discover, secure and protect privileged credentials
  • Optiv’s Focused Security Strategy Assessment (FSSA) to align business objectives, collaborate and deliver cost-effective recommendations to enhance their cybersecurity program
  • Critical 24/7/365 remote monitoring via Optiv’s Managed Security Services (MSS)

Client Outcomes

  • Business drivers aligned and security requirements defined
  • Security operations optimized, enhancing visibility and uncovering vulnerabilities
  • Compliance requirements met and maintained
  • Custom security program roadmap is both actionable and prioritized
  • Better-utilized security team is now able to focus on higher priority projects
  • Collaborative partnership with a trusted advisor to evaluate products and services

How can we help you secure greatness?


Optiv can advise on, deploy and operate end-to-end cybersecurity programs aligned to your business goals. As the cyber advisory and solutions leader, we serve nearly 6,000 companies across every major industry. Our certified experts can help you gain the agility, security, scale and control you need to stay ahead of the competition.