Why Managed Services are the Force Multiplier of Modern Enterprises

May 31, 2024

The digital landscape is a complex battlefield. Every function, from core operations to customer experience, relies on the smooth flow of data and secure endpoint health. Yet even a minor breach can lead to a devastating attack. A recent industry report found that over 70% of organizations struggle to find and retain qualified IT security professionals. This talent gap creates a critical vulnerability, leaving businesses exposed to ever-evolving cyber threats and operational disruptions.


This is where managed services come in, not as a mere mercenary, but as a strategic force multiplier in the digital age. Here's how managed services can empower your enterprise:


  1. Bridging the Expertise Gap: Forget lengthy training cycles and resource allocation struggles. Managed services act as a force multiplier. They provide immediate access to a team of certified professionals who understand your industry's specific needs and have deep expertise in managing complex IT infrastructure. This translates to faster deployments, optimized configurations and best practices tailored to your unique environment.
  2. Time to Value Acceleration: Internal deployments can be a slow burn. With managed services, you're not waiting months to see results. Their expertise ensures rapid implementation, integration and ongoing management, allowing you to unlock the full potential of your IT investment quicker. This translates to faster threat detection, improved operational efficiency and a quicker return on investment.
  3. Holistic Security and Operational Efficiency: Imagine a single pane of glass providing complete visibility and control across your entire endpoint ecosystem. Managed services make this a reality. By breaking down silos and centralizing data, they empower informed decision-making, streamline workflows and optimize communication — all while strengthening your overall security posture.
  4. Business Continuity — Always On, Always Prepared: Disruptions are inevitable. But with a managed service model, you're never caught off guard. The team will proactively monitor your endpoints, identify and address vulnerabilities before they become exploits and implement robust security strategies to ensure business continuity. This allows you to weather any storm and maintain focus on core business objectives.


In essence, the managed services team will act as an extension of your IT team, a trusted partner that bridges the talent gap, accelerates value realization and safeguards your digital fortress. By outsourcing the heavy lifting of endpoint management and security, you free your internal resources to focus on innovation and driving strategic growth. In today's hyper-competitive landscape, that's the ultimate competitive advantage.

Dylan DeAnda
Vice President of Partner Services | Tanium
Dylan DeAnda has been with Tanium for over 10 years, serving customers in technical and leadership roles. Now, as vice president of partner services, DeAnda is focused on making the Tanium partner community successful in building massively scalable endpoint operations and security practices. Drawing from his extensive experience in working with some of Tanium’s largest customers, his focus is to help partners build out their service catalogs leveraging the full breadth of the Tanium platform, and to enable them to deliver exceptional results to their customers.

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