InfoSec Southwest (ISSW) 2016

 Austin Convention Center

 Speaking Engagement


InfoSec Southwest is an annual information security and hacking conference held in Austin, Texas. ISSW provides an environment for attendees to benefit from the broad scope of topics and open forums offered.

Expand your skills at a conference designed and hosted by the local Austin hacker community. Covering a multitude of subjects ranging from deep technical dives into cutting edge research to the social and legal implications of hacker culture, there will always be something intriguing and insightful to witness in the information security and hacking fields, Participate in our events and meet other information security professionals, or share some of your own expertise with attendees in a Turbo-Talk, our open forum where anyone can become a conference speaker.

Optiv is proud to have Todd Manning speaking at the conference.

PCT - Practical Code Triage
Source code auditing is a common bug finding method for both offensive and defensive security practitioners. In the security consulting game, coming up to speed quickly on a large, unfamiliar code base is paramount to successful source audits. Tracking source code coverage - which source files and functions have been audited, which still need attention, and which should be avoided - is a useful way to track source audits. This can scale out to assist teams of people in collaboration. This talk presents a number of source auditing methods and tools. Standard techniques such as bug-clairvoyance, plaintext note taking, `grep strcpy`, and pen-to-paper will be covered. Additional tips and techniques Todd has learned along life’s journey will also be shared. He will cover more formal methods involving C language parsers, relational and graph databases, and other tools of his own divination. Finally, the talk shall present a suite of tools and techniques to apply deeper analysis to function execution, data handling, attack surface identification, and security boundary mapping.
Sunday, April 10, 3:30pm-4:10pm/Ballroom A

Optiv is a silver sponsor of ISSW 2016. For more information on this event and to register, visit the conference website