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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation With On-Premise, Hybrid or Native Cloud

Cloud Deployments That Fuel Transformation Also Create Complexity and Risk.

Cloud migrations and deployments have become critical to the success of digital transformation strategies. As companies deploy cloud apps and agile infrastructure, they must carefully consider the tools, processes and connections needed to secure their expanded ecosystem.


Several factors are driving the adoption of different cloud structures. Vast volumes of data continue to expand and grow exponentially due to new retention policies and regulations across industries. Disruptive competitive entrants require that new products and services be introduced at a much faster pace. Evolving regulatory, data and technical requirements are creating operational hurdles. And support for mission-critical legacy applications is diminishing, meaning that infrastructure must be migrated or decommissioned.


As cloud computing applications and workloads proliferate, though, many organizations struggle with rising levels of operational and security complexity. That complexity can easily limit system visibility leading to unexpected threats and security risks.

Why Cloud Migration is Needed


Successful cloud migration offers cost reductions for many organizations, as well as improved scalability and a significant decrease in the risk of a cyber incident. In addition, cloud adoption offers optimized scalability, faster and smarter integrations, and greater access to business-critical functionality. Cloud migration lets IT departments reshape overall infrastructure dramatically and leverage new technologies – since they are no longer restricted to on-premises hardware and software refresh cycles.


The top three cloud migration challenges for moving workloads to the cloud*

technical complexity icon



Technical complexity 

maintain comprehensive security



Maintaining comprehensive security 

ensuring compliance icon



Ensuring compliance 

*Source: The State of Cloud Native Security, Palo Alto Networks, 2020

Enabling a Security-First Cloud Model

Successful digital transformation requires you to execute your cloud migration strategy with security in mind. With Optiv, you’ll take a comprehensive approach that addresses all aspects of your cloud transformation. Our flexible delivery model means you can engage the Optiv team in the way that best supports your goals. We can advise, design, build and operate your cloud model to provide seamless transitions between implementation stages and across workstreams.


But today, these devices are integral to IT networks in distributed systems—which opens up new attack vectors and vulnerabilities that couldn’t be exploited before. Maintaining effective security in this new environment is getting harder every day.


With Optiv, you’ll gain the guidance, knowledge, and expertise you need to address your security needs in a distributed environment and balance them with your business objectives. You’ll identify, segment and protect OT devices across your ecosystem—along with the data they produce.

With Optiv’s cloud migration consulting, you'll have a solution-agnostic, value-centric partner to help you:

Build momentum 


to develop an entirely new operational model 

that boosts your competitive position and creates new efficiencies.

Simplify your existing infrastructure


and cost model as part of a cloud-first transformation model.

Strategically leverage public cloud and native services


to enable new organizational and IT services capabilities.

Enable inherent security 


across your entire IT ecosystem.

Taking a Multidimensional Approach to a Cloud Transformation Strategy


To ensure you achieve the highest levels of security in your digital transformation to the cloud, Optiv takes a multidimensional approach that covers every level within your IT structure.

Data Center

Reduce data center footprint by leveraging public, private, and hybrid cloud architectures.

Why Choose Optiv Cloud Transformation Services


As you look forward to cloud digital transformation, Optiv can help you achieve your targeted business outcomes. We’ll partner with you to resolve any magnitude of cloud migration program, problem or project you are looking to address.


Our Migration Strategy Approach


Advisory: Conduct an assessment and create a roadmap using our cyber digital transformation framework and execute against the roadmap.


Integration and Innovation: Optimize new and existing technologies to bolster and align the security program with business transformation.


Operations: Providing continuous resilience and operations.


advise diagram



Conduct an assessment and create a roadmap using our cyber digital transformation framework and execute against the roadmap.

Integration and Innovation


Optimize new and existing technologies to bolster and align the security program with business transformation.



Providing continuous resilience and operations.

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