A Visual Future of Cybersecurity


This ebook highlights some recent major developments – from AI to quantum computing, from ransomware to deepfakes, from evolving cyber crime “business” models to an exploding attack surface – and illustrates why it’s essential to look ahead.



In Recent Weeks And Months:

  • A prominent cyber crime group was outed for recruiting security analysts to unwittingly perform key tasks for its ransomware schemes.

  • UC San Diego researchers announced they’ve found a way to produce more realistic AI voices.

  • An Alabama woman sued a hospital after a ransomware attack contributed to the death of her baby.

  • BioNTech has partnered with an AI company on a highly effective system for detecting new coronavirus variants.  

  • MIT researchers reported a significant breakthrough that boosts the viability of microrobots.

As relevant as these breaking stories are to the new Visual Future of Cybersecurity, none are included because they happened after this book went to press.


A vast number of innovations, many of which hold dramatic implications for security organizations, are at hand...or will be here far sooner than you realize. Or, for that matter, they may already be here and you just don’t know it yet.

The Future Is So Yesterday

Once upon a time science fiction happened in the future. As in, a writer might imagine flying cars, and the world in which they existed would be decades away. But now we live in a sci-fi world. The time between conceiving an innovation and rolling it out might be months. (COVID vaccines, anyone?) And something you thought was a few years off may already have happened. 


The threats you see eat away at profits, at resources, at operational continuity. This is bad in ways that don’t require comment. But the threats you don’t see coming – they can be show-stoppers.


The future always comes too
fast and in the wrong order.

- Alvin Toffler

A Visual Future of Cybersecurity Focuses on Five Key Areas:


AI + machine learning is already in use by cybersecurity organizations, and its future potential (for hackers and defenders alike) will be transformative in inconceivable ways.

Quantum computing will change the face of every industry you can imagine, but for security pros the primary concern will center on cryptography – is anything safe?

Ransomware is already public enemy #1, but what happens when AI-driven deepfakes become commonplace – that is your CEO on Zoom, right?

Ubiquitous attack surface: SoftBank predicts we’ll hit a trillion hackable devices by 2025. IoT, OT, drones, space, medical implantables – are you ready for a world where basically everything is attack surface?

Evolving cybercrime business models: customer support, as-a-service offerings with variable subscription models, trained negotiators, employee benefits, venture capitalists supporting innovation… What will the bad guys think of next?


In Cybersecurity, The Only Thing More Critical Than Today Is Tomorrow


Optiv not only combats known threats, we also devote a lot of energy to looking down the block and around the next corner. This book highlights some of the developments we’re keeping an eye on, developments likely to affect the security context facing our clients and communities.


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