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Is Cybersecurity Virus Resistant?

Momentum Cyber and Optiv have partnered for a webinar shining light on COVID’s impact on cybersecurity.

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COVID-19: Thwarting Opportunistic Attackers Technical Checklist

This checklist articulates steps you can take to harden security during the COVID crisis.

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How to Reduce Your Attack Surface

The key to WFH is to understand and proactively address the inherent attack surface risk.

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Optiv Enables Fortune 50 Health Insurance Provider to Strengthen their Cloud Security Program

We help insurance providers identify proper security controls and configuration/implementation best practices for cloud platforms.

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Keep Me Safe, Make Me Happy (Part 1)

Making customers happy while protecting them is the new reality of the consumer relationship.

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Defending Container Compromise

This container compromise scenario is difficult, but very plausible.

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Navigating Your "New Normal": Help from a WFH Veteran

A WFH veteran offers tips on maximizing productivity while promoting physical and emotional well-being.

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COVID-19: Securing Work From Home Checklist

The actionable steps outlined here provide the foundational support to enable and secure a WFH model.

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COVID-19: Securing Work From Home

CISOs must consider COVID ramifications on a larger scale and not lose sight of their organizational roadmap.

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