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Optiv and Veracode to Bolster Application Security at Development Stage with Software Assurance as-a-Service

Optiv has partnered with Veracode to bring a new software-assurance-as-a-service (SAaaS) to the cybersecurity market.

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Future-Proof Your Digital Business with Zero Trust Security

The increasingly popular Zero Trust information security model maintains strict access controls by not trusting anyone or any action by default – and ...

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The Danger of Assumptions

Typically, CISOs are more comfortable discussing “speeds and feeds” than profits and losses. For many directors it’s the exact opposite. For both, the...

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Software Assurance-as-a-Service: Service Brief

SAaaS helps strengthen your application security program by providing security program support and security consulting services.

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How risk aligned is your business?

Take this quiz to learn how aligned your security program is with your wider business strategy.

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AWS Native and Third-Party Tools: New White Paper

This white paper details the cloud infrastructure assessment tools provided by AWS, Palo Alto Networks and Tenable.

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Building a Holistic Privacy Management Program

Rather than building programs for individual jurisdictions, organizations should develop holistic programs that address the overarching commonalities.

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Managed Security Services - Service Brief

Our Managed Security Services provide monitoring and management services for a variety of solutions, technologies, industries and budgets.

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Texas Department of Information Resources Service Brief

Optiv Security has three separate programs approved by the Texas DIR.

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