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The State of the CISO

More sophisticated organizations understand the importance of security in reducing organizational risk and maintaining brand value.

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What are the top technologies to watch?

What technology should you look at investing in? Endpoint? Zero Trust Architecture? Security Awareness Training? SOAR? Digital transformation, which ...

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Einstein and Security Awareness

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month – NCSAM. Security awareness programs are designed to educate end-users about cyber threats and what ...

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NSCAM: Own, Secure, Protect. IT

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This video, which can be shared throughout your organization, addresses important topics like pa...

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Private Equity Firm Taps Optiv to Decrease Portfolio Risk

A leading private equity firm needed to elevate cybersecurity and risk discussions to the board and take active measures towards GDPR compliance. Opti...

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NCSAM: Protective Behaviors

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month stresses keeping software and apps updated, using secure wi-fi and protecting collected.

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NCSAM: Personal Accountability

Workers should be aware of social media safety, privacy settings and mobile application security.

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NCSAM: Newsletter

This employee-focused newsletter discusses several simple practices that will help keep your data private and secure.

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Some of the top cybersecurity technology buying trends

Keeping up with and evaluating cybersecurity technologies can be a continuous and ongoing challenge for organizations. To make this effort easier, Opt...

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