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Total Cost of 0wn3r$h!p

It is becoming both difficult and boring to keep up with all of the breaches hitting the headlines these days. It is difficult because of the ever inc...

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The Transcendence of Breach Assessments

This blog post isn’t intended to be a panacea that will resolve past, present and future organization security breaches. That is a tall order many fee...

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Diversionary Tactics 101

When organizations are hacked or infected with malware, an important question they ask themselves is, “Who is attacking us?” Understanding an attacker...

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PCI DSS: The 30-Day Patch Rule

Requirement 6.2 of the PCI DSS (6.1 in v2) has always created a lot of consternation and discussion. For those of you that have forgotten, requirement...

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One Endpoint Agent to Rule Them All

As a significant part of my job, I regularly help customers architect and roadmap network, security and investigative technology solutions. At some po...

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How To Survive Breach Failure (Part 2 of 3)

Before an incident occurs , it is important for organizations to have a comprehensive incident response (IR) plan in place. In the chaos that arises d...

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How To Survive Breach Failure (Part 1 of 3)

Many organizations have developed security response procedures to satisfy compliance and regulatory requirements; however, when a breach does occur we...

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Building an Information Security Program from Scratch | Optiv

The unfortunate reality of today’s business world is that information security breaches are an everyday occurrence. A quote that is thrown around in t...

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