Analytics and Big Data

Securely harness the full potential of big data.



Get value out of your data.

As the deluge of data continues to grow exponentially, extracting value from it becomes more critical to a company’s success. Efforts to build a secure big data architecture have fallen short due to ill-defined use cases and a lack of internal expertise. The result? Expensive data swamps that perpetuate data silos and lack security hygiene. Securely harnessing the full potential of big data requires a programmatic analytics and big data solution that encompasses data science, orchestration and automation and cybersecurity expertise.


You can do it – our multi-disciplined team of security architects and analysts, DevOps and data engineers partner with you to deliver real-time access to insights while keeping your business safe – and your brand reputation intact.


A use case-centric approach aligns your big data architecture to your specific business needs and resources. Optiv expertly delivers a predictable and scalable implementation plan that will also enable you to leverage your security data to identify gaps and predict and manage new risk.

How do we do it?


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Using a DevOps methodology with common design patterns and repeatable processes that encompasses data science, orchestration, automation and cybersecurity.



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With a modular and loosely coupled approach, a proven, predictable deployment through orchestration, and custom hot/warm/cold strategies to balance data retention and storage costs.



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Run and Refine


Provide knowledge transfer to make your team self-sufficient and give a holistic 360-degree view of your business. Consult to evaluate and build out as you grow, maximize investments, and educate and inspire success.


Let’s extract value from your data.

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The connections between business, consumers, employees and technology must be tracked, correlated and understood to build an effective security program.


What questions do you need answered about your data and how would you go about getting those answers today? If the process is inefficient and painful, we can help you assess, design, implement and run programs and projects to solve these problems.


In order to accurately manage security and risk, you need to understand and manage your data to quickly derive insights in real/near-real time. Our Analytics and Big Data solution encompasses data science, orchestration and automation and cybersecurity and gives you a holistic 360-degree view of your business to drive important initiatives.


No more data swamps. No more decisions based on anecdotal or incomplete information.


Instead you’ll get fidelity of data and security hygiene and will be better able to deal with the velocity, volume, veracity and variety of data. Plus, your data sources will be correlated or integrated via a partner with the expertise to guide you.


And this is just the beginning.


Real time value extraction from your secured data


With Optiv by your side you will leverage common big data patterns to quickly achieve business results.


We focus on user outcomes and applying a use case-centric approach to your architecture design and implementation that results in actionable insights from various data sources. We inject security into the DNA of your big data lake to greatly reduce the risk of compromise. Your program is a scalable production-grade deployment that provides you with the ability to grow and scale data, users and use cases without redesign. This and multi-faceted, cross-functional engineering teams allow for improved cost efficiencies.


You can get more out of your data, now and in the future. Get Visibility

Our Analytics and Big Data services include:

  • Secure Data Lake Development
  • Big Data Security Assessment
  • Edge Analytics
  • UEBA, Machine Learning Analytics
  • Advanced Security Logging and Monitoring
  • Data Lifecycle Management
  • Data Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, Native Solution)