Customized Cybersecurity Consulting

We have a wide range of cybersecurity consulting services -- from assessments to program development, to application security, to attack and penetration, to compliance, to risk management and more.


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Application Security

Software vulnerabilities. Attackers love them so protect them. Whether it’s web, mobile, desktop apps, server apps or connected devices and application programming interfaces (APIs), we’ve got you covered with every type of security consulting – from secure software development lifecycle (SDLC) design and threat modeling to penetration testing, eLearning and program management. Go beyond testing and code reviews and feel more confident.


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Architecture and Implementation

It’s all becoming more and more complicated. With expert cybersecurity consulting, you’ll get perspective beyond “just IT” to keep structural security on your radar – a requirement when supporting evolving tech. Get the most value from your technology decisions, architecture and security projects by selecting a cybersecurity specialist partner, that’s “been there” and “done that.”


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Attack and Penetration

Elite ethical hackers. Forward-thinking researchers. Veteran cyber threat pros. These teams employ advanced attack tools in conducting network penetration testing that helps you identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, protecting your network, your assets, your business and your people. Our attack and penetration cybersecurity services emulate sophisticated hacker strategies to uncover vulnerabilities and generate insight toward remediation.




Cybersecurity Education Services

Get the right training for the right people at the right time. Our training gives you a scalable and repeatable method of minimizing your business’s human risk. And it’s modular: customize it to meet company-specific policies and procedures – or scale it to include translation for a global audience.


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Enterprise Incident Management and Response

When the unthinkable happens, you need help immediately. Move from crisis to continuity quickly with information security consulting experts who know exactly what to do and why.



Know Your Status: GDPR Compliance Requirements and Regulations

Don’t just check a box. Do it right with expert information security consulting. Let’s look at your security and privacy program holistically while also ensuring relevant industry regulations and compliance requirements are met.


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PCI Consulting with Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) Optiv


PCI standard compliance is essential for any business handling payment card data. But as standards and requirements evolve, maintaining compliance and performing assessments can become a struggle. We can help minimize the cost and complexity of building, implementing and managing a PCI program. As an extension of your on-site compliance team, our PCI specialists help lessen the burden of PCI compliance while aligning security requirements, technology and business goals to cost-effectively manage risk.