Threat Management

The enemy perspective: What hackers see in your environment.


Reactive security doesn’t work.

Security threats come from every direction – network connections, apps, web sites, social media, mobile, email and more. It’s hard to detect and manage threats across this ever-changing environment. Adopting IoT, virtual environments and cloud applications may stretch a security program that isn’t built to align with your business operations. Third-party open-source components add complexity and the distribution of IT responsibility complicates the task of tracking issues. You can’t fix what you can’t find, and hackers are getting better at hiding every day.


Just buying tools as a reaction to specific threats can make integration and remediation more difficult. This overall complexity doesn’t help bridge security and IT operations, reduce risk, or communicate ROI to the board.


Conclusion: the speed of business and the complexity of your threat environment encourage reactive measures that increase complexity.


Reactive tactical and compliance-driven threat management approaches can reduce preparedness and leave dangerous gaps in your security posture.

Let’s actually solve your Threat Management challenges


Your new technologies and policies must be integrated and strategic, not just deployed tactically (and perhaps even haphazardly). Compliance should be the result of the plan, not its entire purpose.


What if you could take the time to:



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Evaluate security from the enemy’s perspective to construct resilient, predictive outcomes to a comprehensive threat array.




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Assess the effectiveness of implemented controls, while maintaining alignment to clearly define processes and frameworks.



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Integrate security into daily IT operations and software development.




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Build adversarial solutions to better understand the threat landscape allowing you to detect, react and respond in a more efficient manner.


If this makes sense, consider teaming with a seasoned partner on a genuinely strategic threat program that includes:


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Application Security

Securing the software development life cycle (SDLC)

Our consultants perform manual penetration testing and code reviews to identify technical and application workflow vulnerabilities that are often missed by technologies. We also review application policy, procedures and architecture to optimize non-technical controls that affect security over time.

Software Assurance as-a-Service
Cloud Application Security Assessment

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Attack and Penetration

Identify and test security weaknesses

Our tested best practice methodology identifies and analyzes new and existing vulnerabilities; validates and ensures your layered security defenses protect against external and internal threats; while meeting, and exceeding, compliance requirements (white, grey or black box services).

Adversarial Emulation
Attack Surface Management

 Enterprise Incident Management


Enterprise Incident Management

Hunt, detect and respond to threats

Preparing you to react and respond to incidents. We’ll collaborate on a custom plan that fosters confident incident management and documents the whos, whats, whens and hows of incident response.

Incident Response Retainer

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Threat and Vulnerability Management Remediation

Minimize security weaknesses

We’ll minimize exploitable security weaknesses by providing risk-based remediation assistance, VM process validation, and data driven metrics that tie into the overall security program.

We’ve been here before. Have a look.


A global, publicly-traded retail manufacturer that distributes and sells apparel both online and in a brick-and-mortar chain reviewed their past security assessments and found their security operations lacking. A cloud-first mentality and digital transformation focus meant effective security controls and risk management policies were critical. The existing security strategy was immature and complicated by excessive, noisy vendor relationships.


What we did:

We conducted a detailed assessment to understand the client’s desired risk profile. A comprehensive executive briefing and deep-dive discovery helped us align solutions to their strategy and risk roadmap. Our team then developed a holistic managed security operations program mapped to 15 areas of operational risk improvement. Multiple operational gaps were addressed within a single initiative and single statement of work, to improve people, processes and technology.


Threat Management Diagram

The custom solution included:

  • Comprehensive security operations program
  • SIEM optimization and management
  • Tools upgrade and implementation
  • Proactive and reactive services
  • Vulnerability management program
  • Attack surface management and risk reduction
  • Incident management and forensics
  • Security awareness training
  • Annual assessments for continual improvement
  • Program management and executive service delivery


  • Improved 15 areas of operational risk
  • Consolidated multiple vendors
  • Realigned and uplifted staff
  • Transferred costs and risk to Optiv

Next steps:

  • Extend security operations into cloud, identity and data management functions
  • Leverage risk-based methodology across a portfolio of cybersecurity services
  • Provide strategic guidance and knowledge sharing to improve security

In short, we collaborated with the client to establish a strategic threat program that goes well beyond mere compliance.

Contact us and together we’ll implement a program that lets you:

Build a strategic, proactive threat management platform identifies and fixes the root causes of your vulnerabilities. You’ll no longer live in a reactive, compliance-first world. A focus on all the moving parts will improve your security posture and specifically address the requirements of your business and industry.


  • Adapt your threat management to your business and industry dynamics
  • Operate with a holistic, security-first mindset
  • Transcend the compliance check-box approach with customized methodologies that include program-level root cause analysis and remediation guidance


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Together we’ll ensure your business continuity in the event of a security breach, minimizing financial or reputational loss.

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"Thanks for making this a fun assessment even though we had to do it remote this year. Led to some unique challenges, but overall a great experience."


- Large Retail Firm, 2020