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Setting the Right Foundation for Your Identity and Access Management Initiative

Identity and access management (IAM) is an organizational, process, data, and cultural challenge first, and a technology challenge second. IAM is one of the most ambitious enterprise solutions an IT organization will deploy and has a far-reaching impact on productivity, customer loyalty, and most importantly, the security of your organization. Do you have the expertise and resources to get there on your own?

Whether you need help getting started or want us to evaluate your current program, we can get you on the right path to a strategic IAM program. Through workshops and assessments, we give you a plan to create alignment of your IAM initiatives with the needs of the business and an approach that reduces implementation risk.

  • Assess IAM program maturity on industry best practices and set a course for transformation
  • Align organizational needs and business priorities with technical requirements to create an implementation plan
  • Establish a business justification for an IAM program and build organizational consensus
  • Elevate your IAM program to strategic importance within the security organization
  • Define a path for integrating existing cyber security technologies putting identity at the core of your security strategy

Our Services


IAM Strategy Workshop

One to two-day working session that provides an overview of IAM and related trends and vendors, while assessing your current state and maturity. At the end of the session, we’ll have identified key stakeholders, business drivers, high level goals, recommendations and next steps.

Identity Centric Workshop

Focused multi-day workshop that defines an identity centric approach to security, leveraging existing cyber security and IAM investments. At the end of the session, we’ll have assessed your current technology environment, identified business objectives and created an identity centric roadmap.

IAM Assessment

Wide-ranging tactical or enterprise assessment and discovery to understand current state intricacies and challenges. At the end of the assessment, we’ll have documented detailed use cases and requirements, recommendations for short-term and strategic roadmaps, as driven by your specific needs.

IAM Role Assessment

Promotes visibility and awareness into users’ access to the organization. At the end of the assessment, we’ll have identified current state access profiles and patterns, and built foundational role models that set the stage for IAM automation.

IAM Compliance

Thorough analysis of identity data, reducing the risk of failed audits and improving the success of IAM deployments. At the end of the assessment, we’ll have identified patterns and dirty data, and make recommendations for clean-up before moving with implementing an IAM solution.

Active Directory Assessment

Comprehensive review of Active Directory, including the underlying security and governance of your directory infrastructure. At the end of the assessment, you’ll have a roadmap for addressing your issues and taking steps to establishing a foundation for better visibility and ongoing maintenance for a secure Active Directory environment.

Unstructured Data Risk Assessment

Comprehensive view of the location of sensitive unstructured data and who is accessing it and evaluation of the overall health of Active Directory permissions. At the end of the assessment, you will have uncovered all sensitive unstructured data files, a complete analysis of your Active Directory policies and procedures, and a roadmap of recommendations for remediation and improving your approach to data security.

Health Checks

Complete evaluation of vendor implementations, validating against business requirements. Available for CyberArk, Ping Identity, RSA and SailPoint. At the end of the health check, we’ll have reviewed current state, examined integrations and documented findings to improve operation.

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