Vulnerability Assessment

Improve IT security with a vulnerability assessment from Optiv. We help you be proactive in addressing flaws and refining cyber security strategy.

Improve Security with a Vulnerability Assessment

As a critical tool for information security management, a vulnerability assessment can spot the weaknesses in your security defenses before an attacker can exploit them. Your adversaries are constantly striving to innovate their methods as they look for new ways to breach your defenses. A regular vulnerability assessment can help you be proactive in uncovering and addressing security flaws and refining your cyber security strategy to remediate them.


But a vulnerability assessment is only as good as the security experts who design and execute it. An effective vulnerability assessment requires proven methodologies created by security professionals with extensive and up-to-the-minute knowledge of the latest threats and the skills and technology available to mitigate them.


When you lack the internal resources and want an information risk management partner to perform a thorough vulnerability assessment, Optiv provides an IT security team with unparalleled expertise and experience.


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Vulnerability Assessment with Optiv

Optiv is North America’s largest comprehensive pure-play information security company. Created in 2015 from the merger between Accuvant and FishNet Security, our team of highly skilled and seasoned security experts has provided services for more than 12,000 clients in a multitude of industries. Our dedicated security professionals enable clients to plan, build and run more effective security programs by helping them choose the right combination of products, solutions and services.


Our approach to performing a vulnerability assessment exposes weaknesses in systems and identifies paths that are vulnerable to exploitation. Our mature methodology provides actionable recommendations to improve security in your systems. Working closely with our team, you can help you uncover vulnerabilities and identify steps to reduce risk within your business.


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Our Vulnerability Assessment Services

Optiv’s vulnerability assessment is part of our comprehensive attack and penetration services. By emulating an attacker, we help to uncover critical exploitable vulnerabilities and provide guidance to remediate them, leaving your organization less vulnerable to attack.


Our services include:


  • Breach simulation, operating outside of traditional testing methodologies to simulate an attacker to uncover points of weakness
  • Risk validation, where our experts attempt to breach the information security controls of your organization during a penetration test
  • Security controls assessment to examine and assess various controls, technologies and procedures and identify points of failure
  • Vulnerability discovery and threat modeling to identify, quantify and rank vulnerabilities in your systems


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