Raffi Erganian

Principal Consultant

Raffi Erganian is a principal consultant with Optiv's application security practice. He provides clients with expert consulting services on application and software security, including the delivery of security assessments, penetration testing, secure code review, SDLC analysis as well as project management, security research, and development of tools and testing methodologies. He services Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries, including financial services, health care, utilities, E-commerce and insurance.


Decoding IBM WebSphere Portlet URLs

· By Raffi Erganian ·

Portlet based web applications built with the IBM Web Experience Factory, previously known as the WebSphere Portlet Factory, produce long URL's containing GZIP'd and base64-encoded data. Viewing and tampering with the data transmitted between the client browser and backing application server is quintessential to application penetration testing.

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