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Some of the Top Cybersecurity Technology Buying Trends

September 12, 2019

Keeping up with and evaluating cybersecurity technologies can be a continuous and ongoing challenge for organizations. Identity management, vulnerability management, email security, data protection, or cloud security? What about endpoint security, or Zero Trust architecture, or security awareness training? What should you focus on? What are the growth trends? What technology should you look at investing in? Digital transformation, which nearly all organizations are experiencing, puts various types of systems in the spotlight as technologies and processes change.

Insights into peer buying trends and marketplace activity provide you, as a security decision-maker, with a context for thinking about cybersecurity and how to invest wisely. Things like - five cybersecurity technology segments that realized a significant increase in spending of 25% or more. And, from 2017 to 2018, data protection spending grew by more than 25%. Mapping this to your security program requires research and data.

Outlooks evolve, but here is just one observation on buying trend from the 2019 Security Technology Spend Insights Report that is unlikely to change anytime soon:

As infrastructure becomes more transitory and cloud adoption persists, security programs will continue moving towards a security model that prioritizes identity, least-privilege access and zero trust. This motion enables enterprises to harden security and focus on data and application access rights.

Cybersecurity technology buyers and influencers can make informed decisions when they understand peer buying behaviors. The findings in this 2019 Security Technology Spend Insights Report are based on the analysis of Optiv client data and compare technology buying trends year over year while considering current market activity. This analysis is supplemented with another provider’s proprietary data and insights to deliver a unique perspective on industry trends and provides a beneficial view to give the “peer insights” that every CISO seeks.

The report includes Optiv’s top five technology buying trends. The discussion of each trend contains essential buyer information: an overview, spending change, critical drivers of change and outlook.


Don’t spend hours researching trends. You don’t have to go it alone. We’ve partnered with another cybersecurity leader to provide insights into buying trends. Read more in our 2019 Security Technology Spend Insights Report.

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